Monday , January 18 2021
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German Streets Deserted As New Covid Lockdown Comes Into Effect | NBC News NOW

As coronavirus cases surge across Germany, strict new rules have forced stores to close, just when Christmas business would be at its peak.
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German Streets Deserted As New Covid Lockdown Comes Into Effect | NBC News NOW


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  1. –All restaurants, pubs, businesses etc. must put up shelves and stock toilet paper, canned food etc.etc. and you are now an essential entity, exempt from closure. This is not a joke, the arbitrary rules the governments have imposed, are against legal human charter rights and freedoms !

    Sars-Cov-2 is a ubiquitous virus, now known from the empirical data to have a virulence of (Naught ) point one four, or an overall survival rate of 99.4 – 99.8%. That is on par with a bad flu season and nothing more.

  2. ….. …….End  COVID-19 … Now.  Directory of  Doctors curing   thousands  of  outpatients … fast.

  3. I feel empathy for those who have been sick and those who care for them.
    I also feel empathy for the healthy people with strong immune systems who are being punished with the restrictions.

  4. That is a beautiful sight. Its the sight of a deadly virus being tamed and not allowed to spread. Too bad more American cities dont take Germany's lead. We can do this if we stick together.

  5. Congratulation Amerika did you have voted exellent! Trump is history ! god thank

  6. never forget the survival rate is 99.97%

  7. Lockdowns comes from mice experiments. WATCH

    This FLU has 99.7% self recovery rate. The normal flu 99.9%.
    So the real question should be why all these draconian measures been taken and for whom? And not emphasizing the fear corporate media, private corporations (Bill Gates, WHO) and governments have been putting in the peoples hearts. Making them wear Masks which will harm them (research this) and MAKING them imprison themselves _(what a mindjob)_.

  8. Giving warning to people about the lockdown makes it worse. Food stores are all packed, people are bumping with each other, no social distancing at all, crowded everywhere. If it’s really the virus, then lock the country down right away.
    This is all about control. Let the media and your government fool you, and in the end you’re just gonna be a puppet and govt won’t listen to you anymore whatever rally you make.
    We can’t live like this forever, we can’t live in fear forever!
    This is my opinion and if you don’t like it I don’t care!!!!

  9. They prolly gave them big releif checks to stay home UNLike greedy repubs in congress in U.S.

  10. Propaganda!!!!!!!!! It's a spiritual battle, Turn to YESHUA in repentance!!!!!!!!

  11. I need cash app to $offerme1g anything helps

  12. I heard Europe has the most beautiful Christmas decorations and food… not this year, sad. 🎄🎁

  13. It was never about a virus
    It was always about control

  14. Communism is the virus
    Covid is how it spreads

  15. Vaccine manufacturers have


    In case of injury or death caused by vaccines

  16. The covid vaccine will change your DNA forever

  17. Communism is the virus
    Covid is how it spreads

  18. It was never about a virus
    It was always about control

  19. Those are all American tourist walking around in the video

  20. Ya things are Groovy in the US we just go on about our business but we got masks on

  21. The economic is going to bring more crisis than the virus 🦠

  22. Germans were born with boots on ready to March….

  23. World wide scamdemic news continues

  24. Correct decision save lives 👏

  25. Rise up everybody, the world had just begun to collapse. Jesus has harmed my husband. He has peeled my husbands back and dogged 70 nails into his ears, 70! You are not safe. Destroy Jerusalem and give us Britain and America. Do not sleep at night.

  26. Reporter taking a bathroom brake?

  27. I've been over there, the streets get very crowded with lots of People in close proximity, especially around Christmas, so it's very understandable that stringent measures would be necessary to try to contain the Virus!!

  28. That's because so many of them moved to the US lol

  29. Shows you how smart other country's are, not so in the US.

  30. So does anybody want to tell me how this would be possible in the U.S.? Most people here can barely afford to pay bills, and $1200 over a six-month period is next to nothing. This ain’t Germany, people. When American citizens have a medical emergency, it boils down to either being thousands of dollars in debt or forgoing the emergency room and just kinda hoping you don’t die.

  31. Got any stories on Chinese Communist spies currently in the U.S.?

  32. Great now all the locked down witches have free streets to roam causing mayhem using astral projection. Yep. So sick of this dealth cult ritualistic fallen world.
    Sheep from goats soon.

  33. I wish the braindead governors of Iowa, South, and North Dakota has as much intelligence as the Germans. The governors of Iowa, South and North Dakota care only about profits over people. Hopefully, all politicians who reject the reality of the tRump Virus will catch it.

  34. New Zealand hasn't had a Covid fatality in over 4 months. NZ took the WHO 3 point plan seriously.

    9 months after leaving WHO the US has a Covid death EVERY 30 seconds and is internationally ridiculed.

    Germans are still teased about Nazis today, 75 years later.

    It follows that Americans will still be teased about being simple-minded MAGATs in 2095!

  35. Trump HERD IMMUNITY = US Covid death EVERY 30 SECONDS !

    Trump WARP SPEED = 66% of the US population waiting until late 2021.

    US 313,581 Mexico 115,099 UK 65,520 Canada 13,759 China 4,634.

    NO VACCINE & NO COVID = New Zealand 25 and Taiwan 7.

  36. What many people fail to realize is that, it’s the unlawful lockdowns that are making citizens, jobless and unable to pay rent and for bills NOT virus. Countries that did not lockdown still have a thriving economy and satisfied citizens, countries that did not lock down, had a tad bit more people infected than those that did.
    Most of the people that died were those in long term care homes, that were order to NOT bring the infected seniors to the hospitals but left them to die. THAT is why we see such high numbers of deaths. On top of that gov Cuomo moved many people infected with covid19 into care homes passing the virus to those poor seniors, can’t image what family members would do if they found out the truth.
    Remember that these senior are usually victims of drug overdosing by the care homes to keep them dumbed down and quiet so their body’s are Damaged by the long time use of toxic prescription drugs that only masks symptoms of diseases created by a lifetime of vaccines.
    Your body can help itself fight the COVID19 VIRUS created with funding from Bill Gates in a CDC LAB in North Carolina then shipped to another CDC LAB in Wuhan, a lab that both DR FAUCI and former president obama visited previously.
    Take supplements of Zinc & Selemium plus Vitamin D & A with high doses of vitamin C to boost your own immune system against the rich elite Bill Gates’ Covid19 Virus ( Patent #060606 ). Since it’s now know that hospitals are helping the VACCINE MANUFACTURERS to murder patients by putting them in LUNG DAMAGING VENTILATORS, before you enter a hospitals, take some Chaga Mushrooms to block off your lungs from the spike protein of the covid19 virus from attaching to your Lungs and other organs, the Chaga Mushroom with help you breathe better again as you using multivitamins to supercharge your immune without the CYTOKINE Storm allergic reactions you get from the SYNTHETIC IMMUNE BOOSTING VACCINES.

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