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Getting Festive with Accessorize! Opening Blogger Christmas Gifts! + GIVEAWAY! | AD

My first Christmas video! Accessorize want us to #GiftShareRepeat this Christmas, and in today’s video I’m opening up blogger christmas gifts from Fabulous Hannah, and also sharing what I picked up for Megs from Wonderful You!

Check out Hannah’s Video :
And see Meg’s Video here :


*** Enter the Accessorize Giveaway by leaving a link in the comments below with your choice of gift from Accessorize here:
AND the name of the person you’d like to gift it to! ***

Terms and Conditions here:


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❤ Accessorize Pieces ❤

What Hannah Gifted To Me:
Scarf :
Necklace :
Leopard Bag :
Bath Flowers :
Clutch Bag :
Black Gloves :
Earmuffs :

What I Gifted to Meg:
Backpack :
Faux Fur Scarf :
Gloves :
Socks :
Pendant :
Gold Bag :


❤ What I Wore ❤

White Ruffle Sleeve Jumper :

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Necklace :
Rings :


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  1. I like this channel. but it feels like a commercial every blog. blah. feels so ingenuine

  2. I would like to share my gift to a fellow youtuber +Steph Arizona

  3. Awesome Video Josie ❤️ as always 😙

  4. What fab things Josie on here! I don't know how to leave links but i would love my precious sister in law Bev to be gifted a nice bag or anything really as she's been so helpful while my I've been unwell& she just helps everyone & never thinks of herself.Thanks for doing this really kind thing, Susan& oh wow your nearly 77,000 yay wonderful 😘

  5. Hi Josie, did you find the other necklace Hannah put in your giftbag? I would hate if it's been misplaced because it would suit you so well!

  6. What is your zodiac sign ?? I want to know bcoz most things we like same , I'm Capricorn 31 Dec celebration 🎉 time

  7. i would love to share my gift with my mom thank you 🙂

  8. hello happy thanksgivings to you and family,what a beautiful gift thank you for sharing everything with us 🙂

  9. Hi! I picked out a cute little hat… perfect for the cold winters and fashionable holidays! I would get it for my old neighbor Marley. She is 6 years old and a super smart, funny, adventurous, and heartwarming girl! I lived next to her for 4 years! I basically grew up with her, (i'm 12 now) I moved away 3 months ago and miss her so so much. She is like a sister to me. Our favorite time of the year is Christmas, our families had Christmas traditions together for the holidays. I want to get her this because I lent her my old one 1-2 years ago and when Her and I went to see the Christmas lights, she accidentally left it there. I would like to remind her that I will always be there for her. She deserves it! Love your channel and videos!

  10. luv that pink scarf🙈❤

  11. Wow Hannah has got your style absolutely bang on, those presents were SO you. Also it's a lotus flower haha.

  12. Love the fluffy earmuffs 🙂

  13. loved the video, could you do a video on Christmas outfits. Trying to find a christmas day outfit and love you style xxx

  14. I would love to give my daughter a red Amelia large twist lock wallet 2902906000 for Christmas X

  15. Hey <3 I would love to win the Bree Tassel Shopper bage for my mum <3 Kisses from Greece

  16. Lovely video Josie! Can't stop admiring your lip colour though – which lipstick are you wearing please?!

  17. I love that pink scarf! What colour/brand us your nail polish? 💕

  18. Wow Perfect Gifts for You 🙂 BTW what is your Nail Polish? Xx

  19. Hi Josie, great video! Is the gold handbag you picked out for Meg on the Accessorize website? I cannot find it 🙁

  20. Total "sexy snow bunny" with the earmuffs.

  21. Hi, Josie – what a wonderful video! love the whole idea of sharing being emphasized! If this open to us on this side of the pond (U.S.), I'm thinking of a dear, longterm friend who is going through an extended breakup as well as health problems; Hil is a very petite woman, and when I saw the Phillip Polar Bear hat … and possibly the mittens … I thought of her tender heart. (Despite what YouTube insists, my regular email is

  22. I just finished watching your Chistmas vlog of last year! Glad to watch your new Christmas Video. I love your style and you are just gorgeous! <3 Also all gifts you picked from Accessorize for Meg is really beautiful. I think she definitely would love them!
    (Accessorize withdrew their business from South Korea at the moment by the way. :/ I wish Accessorize launch their business again here.) Lots of love from S Korea xx

  23. Do you do any international giveaways?

  24. Lotus flower. Ref: Necklace!!!!

  25. My mom becaus I am 12 and I never by somthing to her
    I am realy sad for this so please I wonte the bag

  26. hi, i dont know much about accessorize but i would like to give that gift (hopefully a great one) to you. 🙂 all the things you bought for your friend are amazing. you have a great taste.

  27. I would love to win the Bree Tassel Shopper bage for my mum. Her fav cokour is dark bottle green and I know she would love it 💕💕💕

  28. You really thought out the gifts for Meg 😄 On another note.. I think you Brits have the best sayings! I always find myself using them like "crack on". But my favorite of yours is "hey ho"… (like oh well you only live once kinda thing). anyways I used it the other day and got some funny looks from my coworkers. they thought it was a fun saying after I cleared up that I wasn't saying like "hey (you) ho" haha.I think bits and bobs is going on my list. I'll exchange one with you I learned from the older southern women I work with that I love… Don't poke the pig! 😄 just fun to say when people are stirring up trouble

  29. Hi I would really love to give something to my mother, she has always been there for me and whenever I need shoulder to cry on she's always there for me, and I thing i want to give my mum, I don't work so I don't get much money so I'd like to repay my mum and give her something. Who was there for u when you had problems? Who always thought of you when you were out? No one but your mother. Your so generous, you deserve way more subscribers. Hope u get everything you want as you do deserve it 😘
    Love you loads and loads X
    Umarah ❤️💕

  30. What is the name of the color of your nail polish? I forgot to ask lol

  31. I love your nail polish matches your faux fur ! I wish give a present to my friend Larissa I love the faux fur scarf in pink that you received it was my favorite item! 😊

  32. Some large pink blush poinsettias would be absolutely gorgeous in your background over your left shoulder! I think they would be 'very Josie'☺️

  33. ombre chevron scarf please for my beautiful mum thanks x x x

  34. The Sophia Friendship Crystal Bracelet for my Aunt who is one of my closest friends too. Your videos are fabulous!

  35. Dear Josie, The person I would choose would be my daughter in law Donna. She has been an inspiration to me. She was a foster mom to these to beautiful children who she ended up adopting. The have been going through some issues but she helps them through it like a true Mom. I would give her the turn lock wallet because once they have entered her heart they have been locked in for ever. My phone will not let me post the link. Thank you for the opportunity.

  36. I would love to give my mum the hopes dreams wishes notebook from thank you Josie your so kind to us xx

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