Saturday , July 24 2021
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Getting To Know Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang | NBC News Now

Entrepreneur Andrew Yang is among ten candidates qualified for the third round of Democratic presidential debates. NBC News’ Julia Jester asks him rapid fire questions to get to know him better.
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Getting To Know Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang | NBC News Now


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  1. Yangs Policy corner stone for prosperity is taking other peoples money and giving it to those who did not earn it. I don’t believe that makes him a viable presidential candidate

  2. MSNBC called him John Yang. When did he change his name to John?

  3. Is Andrew being interviewed by Samwise Gamgee’s wife?

  4. Refreshing but can he make it through to the end of the finals? Watch and see! If he can make it through I will be watching to see. Still interesting hmmm!

  5. You need a longer stick if you're that short. Yang has to stay bowed & crouched to fit in your angle 🙃

  6. Can’t believe NBC actually recognized Andrew Yang

  7. Dont rely on NBC or MSNBC for giving Yang fair air time. they have blatantly shown to be biased against him by omitting him from some of their coverage. All these main stream media outlets are corrupt and manipulative

  8. Either yang is tall or the lady is short

  9. Andrew Yang is a great human being. Anyone who will take the time to learn about him and watch his interviews and find out what he wants to do if he becomes president will give Andrew Yang there vote.

  10. Andrew Yang rocks. Really the only candidate worth supporting. He is young, smart, has great plans for the US. And he puts a smile on your face, he is actually a nice guy. (A politician who is also a nice guy? Is that even possible. Yup Yang is our man.) #YangGang

  11. NBC screwed over Yang yet again in another graphics snub, hate to say it but maybe FOX really is more fair and balanced in other things

  12. Glad to see that they did a piece with Yang here. It's such a critical time for our countryand we need the BEST ideas out where where they can be shared. Now, I just hope NBS and MSNBC can fix their run of omitting Yang off the scoreboard when he's performed better than other candidates.

  13. NBC News is fake news. Include Andrew Yang in your reporting and enough with the fake news! You are one of the the reasons why our country is so divided.

  14. Stop the media blackout on Andrew Yang!

  15. Dangerous NWO liar. He is anti energy and will destroy our nation. He is part of the climate change LIE!

  16. Watch this guy will be a president.

  17. Is Andrew really tall or is she just really short? I can feel her neck pains

  18. The real question is: How short is that lady?

  19. such an authentic laugh, his heart is golden.

  20. I know we all like and love Andrew Yang, but don't just show it online, make sure to go and vote in the primary so he can be the nominee. We have to help Andrew. He cannot get to the WH w/o the #YangGang.

  21. I see Andrew Yang , I click & I like. SIMPLE.

    Yang 2020🇺🇸

  22. Presidents and leaders should be smarter than average people. Yang 2020

  23. "it's a sign of automation…" HUMANITY FIRST. YANGGANG2020

  24. Not sure if she's like ultra short or Yang is Uber tall

  25. 3:56 omg please don’t say that. The last person championing this was MLK.

  26. Check out Yang’s Joe Rogan interview posted here on YouTube

  27. Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  28. Andrew Yang knows how to give a zinger. Notice how you'll never see Biden do anything like this

  29. Corporate media is now campaigning for Yang and will continue to do so until it gets bored.

  30. He is either super tall or she is super short crazy looking when we got to the chair room!

  31. Wow thank you NBC News! Finally! Edit: Ok well, I wasn't expecting something like this to be so…I was so excited to see him and then I saw what a waste these questions were…Idk what to feel, at least he's getting more air time but…why are they turning into a tabloid like outlet? He's running for President, not some hollywood star that just wrapped up a movie…

  32. This guy would really change the economy for the better

  33. Saw the title.. and this song came to mind…

    Getting to know you
    Getting to know all about you
    Getting to like you
    Getting to hope you like me
    Getting to know you
    Putting it my way
    But nicely
    You are precisely
    My cup of tea

  34. Why on earth would you put your head in the shot the entire video.. Vlogging this is sooo worthless.


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