Thursday , August 11 2022

Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years in prison

“May this sentence demonstrate that it is never too late for the truth to come out,” one of Maxwell’s accusers said after the sentence was read.


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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Justice ?? People want to hear the client names and see them in court

  2. Cool drawing.. where's she at? Lol. This is so dumb

  3. We want to see the list!!!!

  4. If she won't give the names waterboarding and other forms of torture need to be on the table
    Start with fingers and toes
    Client list needs to be released

  5. I disagree. Yes Maxwell played her part but there were many powerful men that were also involved and they are not in prison. They are out free and about probably causing more pain on different women. It’s sad. It’s not a day to celebrate.

  6. Bro why is she only getting 20 years, and no single client has been arrested? Wtf..

  7. It has been a very bad week for liberals. Now ANOTHER liberal icon goes down.

  8. if she was black and/or poor she would have gotten life w/o

  9. It is NOT a victorious day for justice because Maxwells lawyer has already told her she will not have to serve 20 years.Maxwell has information of some high ranking elites being involved in the crimes and you the people will never see those people in a court room because we do not live in a democracy. The elite protect themselves .That statement was naive in the extreme from the prosecution .What will happen to the diary? will the public ever know the content? Will those elite in high places ever see justice? The diary is most interesting and what happens to that diary should be watched very carefully.

  10. Only 20 years? I should hope her fellow inmates know how to place proper punishment upon her.

  11. Her lawyer calling her Glenn is the cherry on the cake for me

  12. and the people where abuzed with bruizes and or cant walk straight rite after all that ?

  13. great, she's guilty. Now lets see that client list and start making arrests.

  14. That’s all? I’d get that for not paying taxes. Where is the client list and why is the press not demanding its release?

  15. She didnt want the sex traffic ring to be exposed because they "suicide her"

  16. Can’t wait for an op-ed by Ghislaine Maxwell sponsored by ACLU and MeToo leaders. Maxwell will be an ambassador for other feminist organisations painting her as the victim.

  17. Good riddance to this "woman"!

  18. Good- so why is Matt Gatez still walking around free f_cking underage girls across state lines?!