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Giant oil refinery fire lights up Los Angeles skyline | USA TODAY

Massive refinery fire lights up LA.
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No injuries have been reported and no residential evacuations were deemed necessary after a fire broke out at a refinery near Los Angeles.

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  1. I don’t mean this rude, but why can’t refineries and toxic facilities keep their sh*t together? I’m so tired of this being a COMMON occurrence. Put heavier safety regulations on places like that, they are literally killing the earth around them and making people sick.

  2. Another fire of greed. price of gas will go up $0.50 tomorrow.
    This is not good for climate change. Things like this just don't happen there are set

  3. Wouldn’t surprise me if Bernie Sanders or the Bidens started it.

  4. Indeed this is sabotage. But who could be to blame? This definitely doesnt reek of criminals who want us to be fully dependent on foreign oil again…

  5. Burns a couple thousand gallons to double gas prices. Thank goodness for my electric car powered by burning coal.

  6. How terrible for LA's already poor air-quality! Thoughts and prayers to those affected by the extra smog this created!

  7. this is airdrop from PUBG Whaaaaat !!!

  8. Maybe this will get the gas up to the same price as water. California can afford 15 a gallon. They always pay, no matter what the price. The Governor knows this and he and his mob will get it one way or the other. I would charge those nuts 10 a day to breath the air and 20 dollars a hamburger. Heck yeah those Californians will cough it up. I would charge the media $1000 a day to tell lies.

  9. Burn bb burnnnnnnnn idk why but I like seeing things on fire 🔥

  10. Just another day in the petrochemical industry 😎

  11. Here we go again…. always something.

  12. "Oil refinery fires are a good thing."
    – Bernie Sanders –

  13. Marathon Oil formerly known as BP.

  14. And just when prices were slowly going back down this happens and now who would’ve guessed the prices are skyrocketing again…

  15. Companies are gleefully collecting on those insurance policies.

  16. These people will keep this going the Democrats do it for money I hope it’s a company that can leave the crazy town of poop

  17. Couldn't happen at a worse time. Crude prices are down. The virus is a big part of that. But this will balance the scales.

  18. Hey everybody Bend over Bernie has children getting raped in Minnesota and the youngest one is a infant it’s on one American News and you only get probation in Minnesota no jail time

  19. "Attack Ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion."

  20. What company? When was their last inspection?

  21. Oh LA, whew I thought it was somewhere important for a second, we dont need no water

  22. Unfortunately a regular occurance at these refineries……lots of homes surrounding it😢


  24. Well Hell there goes the prices at the stations! High enough as it is!

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