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Gillibrand: As President, I Will 'Clorox The Oval Office' | NBC News

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand delivered one of the most memorable one-liners of the Democratic debates when she said what she would do as her first presidential act if elected.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Gillibrand: As President, I Will ‘Clorox The Oval Office’ | NBC News


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  1. Nothing new there. Former Brazilian President Quadros famously did "clorox" the seat. Check photo here

  2. Clorox? She's three years late…Obongo left. And Michael. And his pot-smoking fugly offspring too. Btw, can you imagine if a Rep would have made this comment in 2016? Campaign ENDER!

  3. So funny to see how much everyone changed now that Trump won. Stop trying to copy him. You're all a bunch of pathetic little imitators

  4. The CNN moderator asked Sen. Gillibrand about her support for Green New Deal legislation and whether its job security promises are realistic and Sen. Gillibrand immediately answers with her "Clorox joke", a joke that she was seemingly desperately waiting for the opportunity to make during the debate.

  5. “When they go low, we go high.” It doesn’t mean “get high” off of Clorox fumes. Someone should call intervention for this lady. Sniffing bleach kills brain cells.

  6. REALY YOUR IN A PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE AND ThIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER ?, YOU COULDENT POSSIBLY SAY ANYTHING MORE UNINTELLIGENT !!!! these ate the absolute worst candidates i have ever seen in my life !!!!!!!

  7. because of obama? she is such a racist.

  8. Like Seth Meyers said, pretty sure it's illegal to use bleach on an active crime scene!

  9. She should try consuming it while she's at it.

  10. Gillibrand is a very hateful human being! She and we, would be better off if she was a cleaning lady!

  11. Haaa! Shame on you for thinking you know anything about females of ANY color!

  12. It’s almost like she believes she will win 😂

  13. It's a funny line but bleach is not a cleaning choice of climate change activists

  14. The saddest part is the crowd laughing at such a childish through back remark.

  15. And then gargle with listerine to get rid of the Harvey Weinstein residue!

  16. "As Cleaning Lady, I will
    use Clorox in the bathroom,
    meester. dank you."
    — Maria the maid

  17. It’s a good line, and I totally understand it, but part of my brain immediately went, “that is exactly what Trump tried to do, whiten not only the Oval Office but everything Obama had touched or even mentioned.

  18. She used that same Clorox line at an event about a week ago. She's like a stand-up, recycling old material. Sorta like…oh, I know: Al Franken.

  19. It's sad how Trump supporters can't even admit what a great one liner this is. If Trump had said it, it would be gold. Grow up you babies.

  20. Clorox for her buddy Bill Clinton's splooge.

  21. From the looks of it she must use clorox on her hair that has seeped Into her little pee wee brain to make such a stupid remark and ruin her chances for a nomination. LOL!

  22. Don't worry. I'm pretty sure that after 8 years of Trump, that smell of libtard left from the Obamas will be gone by then

  23. Excuse me. clorox To wash her mouth out. That was a very stupid statement. Really !!!!! Trump 2020.

  24. She has my vote just on that statement alone.

  25. That was racist, keep Oval Office white

  26. Clorox??? To wash away your white privilege or to wash away all that BS that comes out of your mouth?

  27. So her first action as the first woman president would be to clean? What would be her second action, to make a sandwich?

  28. What a moron ! She thinks she’s running for White House janitor. She can come over to my bathroom and Clorox it anytime

  29. I can't believe this woman is still a candidate.

  30. Clorox? Why not just give yourself a good douching. I can smell you through the TV.

  31. Clorox gets the skid marks out of Gillibrand's skanky old grandma undies. Thanks Clorox.

  32. She paid alot of money for that line and got ripped off.

  33. Reason for Chlorox: to neutralize any leftover Bill Clinton spooge.

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