Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / News / Gilroy, Dayton, El Paso Shooters All Used Semi-Automatic Assault Weapons | NBC Nightly News

Gilroy, Dayton, El Paso Shooters All Used Semi-Automatic Assault Weapons | NBC Nightly News

Many law-abiding Americans use these guns everyday for recreation and sport, but those who’ve lost loved ones worry how they’re also readily available to people who want to use them to kill.
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Gilroy, Dayton, El Paso Shooters All Used Semi-Automatic Assault Weapons | NBC Nightly News


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  1. None of the shootings described involved "assault rifles"

  2. (See previous comment first) 1:23 "…to a GUNMAN armed with an ASSAULT RIFLE." Here it is again… switching the terms around. This "reporter" ought to have said, "…to an assaulter armed with a gun." Hear the intentional switch? This has the same effect as calling the man a "shooter" (when really the gun is the shooter), and the gun the murderer (when really the man was the murderer). Use the bad word to identify what you want people to think is the bad object… which in this case it happens to be their desire that the gun is made out to be the source of the problem, not the man. And almost everyone is falling for this propaganda, it seems. It's time that we all start thinking for ourselves for a change, instead of letting the media do our thinking for us.

  3. 0:16 "The same type of GUNS RESPONSIBLE for the deaths…" This kind of media coverage that's filling our minds day in and day out make it so that we hardly hear their intentional messaging anymore. Instead it just kind of sneaks in subliminally and burns it's brand into our sleeping little brains, just as these media masters would have it. It's quotes like these being drilled into our heads that are pursuading so many people that the bad guy is not a guy at all, but a gun. "These are just bad guns, because they are murderers," is the repeating message. Meanwhile, the real murderer was referred to as a mere "shooter" just seconds before this, not the murderer. Shooters aren't bad, murderers are. We all know this, so since they want to get rid of the guns, they will call them the murderers. Both of these propaganda tactics were used within 20 seconds of this video, setting the stage in our minds for us to think this way, without us even noticing it. This story, designed to talk about a tragedy, is a whole different kind of tragedy in and of itself.

  4. These types of weapons also make self defense much easier for honest law abiding people. Ban them and then the nutty people will just use whatever else is legal.

  5. there is no such thing as an assault weapon….. its call a rifle… now you can use it to assault someone just like a knife or your fist.

  6. AR in AR15 does not stand for Assault Rifle. Nor is it an Assault Rifle or Automatic Rifle. It is an ArmaLite Rifle. Assault Rifles are fully automatic machine guns. Not sure where you got your information from.

  7. I need the same weapons as the criminals have for self defense and protection. They are already out there and you can't tell me how to get criminals to obey the law.

  8. Those looking to enslave Americans with a Chinese style totalitarianism.. and disarmament have always used the News Media.

  9. This was once said before we all need our gun permit and guns to protect our family and loved ones because next time there a other mass shooting will you be prepare.

  10. Propaganda. I cant wait for the day NBC and CNN file bankruptcy. Do the country a favor.

  11. People will always find ways regardless.

  12. All guns are military weapons of war

  13. Take guns and Knife crime will rise to British level in no time.

  14. Why is an ar15 an assault weapon when a civilian buys one from their local gun store, but when a police officer buys the same ar15 from the same store it is socially considered a patrol carbine and is reported as such when the officer shoots a bad guy with it?

  15. FIRST take ALL armed guards way from those who want to take my guns.

  16. People already cannot legally own fully automatic weapons. Banning what these people consider assault weapons will not work because functionally they are no different than any other semi-automatic weapon like handguns and many hunting rifles. Ban them and people will seek other options, buy them illegally, or make modifications to avoid their gun being classified as an assault weapon.

    If you want this ban to be even slightly effective beyond the initial and short lived drop off, then you would need to ban all semiautomatic weapons.
    After that, what are we left with? Bolt action, lever action, pump action rifles, shotguns, and revolvers? How do you expect people to be able to even slightly effectively be able to exercise their second amendment rights for their intended purpose? That purpose being to allow citizens to arm and defend themselves and their families against a foreign adversary or tyrannical government. The American people would effectively be powerless more than they already are to adequately defend themselves against such eventualities given the nature of modern warfare.

    Background checks, mental health evaluations, and proper licensing are all vital steps to ensure public safety, however banning guns based on cosmetic features will not solve the problem.

  17. People are saying the next trump rally is going to be a bloodbath!!

  18. Trying to disarm the whole populace is gonna stir up some major trouble

  19. “Semi-automatic assault weapons,” don’t exist. An ar15 is just a rifle like the mini 14, 30 -06, Winchester 308, etc. “Assault weapon,” is a made up word created by Diane Frankenstein.

  20. Yea, we need to ban all guns. Let the first politician start the door to door collections. I'm sure the gun owners have been waiting for this big moment for a long time.

  21. I pretty sure the shooters murdered people rather than guns.

    If I had my gun I would shoot back. But those events don't show up on the news because it shows that a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy from killing more people.

  22. If it's semi-automatic, it's not an assault weapon. Assault weapons are fully-automatic.

  23. Answer number one. Turn to Jesus. Answer number two don’t give up your second amendment.

  24. Time to ban these guns, they are not safe for personal use.

  25. I'm gonna buy 3 more ARs, then sell them for a 50% profit when the prices shoot up like it did last time.😁 $$

  26. “Many law-abiding Americans use these guns for recreation and sport.” All the shooters were also law-abiding Americans before they committed their atrocities.

  27. get rid of simi auto rifle, later they use hand guns, get rid of hand guns, then they use trucks and you wish you had a gun to protect yourself.

  28. The right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED 🤛

  29. Anti-2nd Amendment propaganda.


  31. Semi-automatic assault weapon is a propagandists term used by people lying to you to further their Authoritarian goals.

    "Assault weapons-just like armor-piercing bullets, machine guns, and plastic firearms–are a new topic. The weapons' menacing looks, coupled with the public's confusion over fully automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons–anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun- can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons." Josh Sugarmann, 1988 executive director of the Violence Policy Center.

  32. And the Virginia Tech shooter used handguns, same as the overwhelmingly vast majority of homicides.

  33. Incoming troll wave from ignorant, hate filled, gun collecting Trump supporters.

  34. Its not the weapon, its the white cave beast devils! Young pale males should be profiled! Stop and frisk! These demons need to be put down!! Your not taking mine. If they have one, I will have mine!!

  35. The Ohio shooter was a far-left Elizabeth Warren supporter and the El Paso shooter cited "global warming" as his motivation for killing … 2 leftist shooters and the media is blaming Trump and guns. The Democrat owned media (NBC) is disgusting.

  36. Nearly EVERY firearm sold around the world is a "semi-automatic weapon"… NBC is pure Democrat propaganda.

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