Saturday , October 16 2021
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Gingrich: Biden, Dems big gov't 'socialists' with 'fantasy view of the world'

Former House Speaker and Fox News Contributor Newt Gingrich discusses the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spending bill, immigration and the midterm elections.

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  1. That's why they toke the fox drones down at the boarder

  2. Put a cell phone blocker next to each voting machine next vote. Maybe that'll help a little…

  3. And it's all the fault of the border States…

  4. Why is Kevin McCarthy irritatingly ALWAYS smiling?

  5. His hero Trump failed to do his job. Now America trust Biden to get the job done. Too bad Newt!

  6. What's that background noise, a fan?

  7. "Granny what did u do in the Jan 6th War": Answer: "Oh, we strolled in Capitol after the cops let us in & gazed at the Transgender looking Antifa Viking & then hit Applebee's."

  8. Trying to collapse the economy 🙁

  9. Bernie Sanders is not the kind old man he wants you to believe he is. He is the snake that smiles at you while he is biting.

  10. I've been praying for trump and biden

  11. I never heard Mexico trying to make it harder for Americans to come to our country 😉.

  12. Meanwhile they want to blow my brains out


  14. Let's see you and the crew use telephones get some supplies in biometrics blood samples files on every one. Get the workers find them jobs set case workers in motion. Set up fena controls and test bee military tactics to govern a 3 week refugee operation. Get food trucked in from different restaurants get 100 mom's to nake daily tacos send cereal boxes and dry milk. Used coolers solar powered. Valley transit divide groups into 50 or less. Start to mitigate the problem with right now adaptive solutions and directives

  15. Let Maria and Ginruch live with n tv nake some decisions and get things done.

  16. Joe Biden worst president in history

  17. Newt has lost weight. Looking good.

  18. Don't these smart folks understand that there are no pure ideologies? Governing a population needs elements of other ideologies to work Our politicians count on people being uninformed.

  19. This isn't even real socialism anymore…

  20. These guys are voting like they will never be replaced because they won't. They own the voting machines.

  21. My advice to the young people of today is quit listening to dinosaurs like this guy here. Him, and the others that were in the government along with him, were the staunchest of defenders of the petroleum companies and the military industrial complex and made policy decisions that have left you the world that you inherit today. He has nothing to impart that is worth your attention. You need to begin to vote all the dinosaurs out and run things yourselves. You can’t do any worse and at least you’ll only have yourselves to blame for any predicament you find yourselves in.

  22. The 3.5 Trillion Dollar Bill that in reality is almost 5.5 Trillion Dollar! The American people are tired of being scammed! 500 Billion to Support illegal immigrants! I think everyone should just stay home and not go back to work at all! Apply to the Government for everything and anything even if you don't qualify for it! Apply for it anyway! Let Nancy Pelosi and the Socialist figure out how to support us all!!! Why the Hell should some of the people take care of all of the people?!

  23. He gets away with it because of the LIES of MSM and fellow Democrats.

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