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Gingrich: Many of Biden's appointments will face confirmation issues

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich discusses President-Elect Joe Biden’s cabinet appointments and the Senate confirmation hearings ahead.

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  1. Because if they cheated and they don’t want to get caught in public cowards

  2. Did your wife have confirmation issues when she was dying of cancer while you were screwing someone else and going to church? HYPOCRITE

  3. Biden is choosing about 90% of obama administration's own people. THIS NOT OVER PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP WON THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION AND WILL BE OUR PRESIDENT 4 MORE YEARS.

  4. Trump did not do that why should Biden…

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  6. biden still think he going washington ,dreams on hope you stay as sleep for ever.

  7. Wow thought this vile dinosaur died!!

  8. No Newt they will have no opposition because Biden will never be inaugurated. He will be lucky to stay out of jail though. His son is a deep deep hole though.

  9. Especially Biden himself, 'Where's the Durham Report?'
    Look into it for yourself, Biden has a lot to hide.

  10. Biden corrupt and drug addict in USA

  11. Republicans will remember everything the Democrats and Biden has done on every election day including the reprehensible Republicans that didn't back TRUMP.

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  13. Oh but they approved trump son and his daughter that says alot

  14. Of course they will would not expect anything else🙄


  16. Those he nominated are not qualified period.

  17. They don't have a snowballs chance in hell of being confirmed… LoL

  18. You are to do your best to put the best person in that position, no radical person to be put in.

  19. Biden is a puppet of China,a traitor and criminal and his cabinet will be the very same.

  20. Who dug this old relic up and dusted off his corrosion?no one wants to hear what newton gingrich has to say.his time and interference in politics was during the clinton presidency so he can get lost forever .

  21. You don’t need a cabinet in jail which is where Biden is headed.

  22. Hell if Biden gets in the republicans will just roll over and let Biden do what even he wants come on this is 🤣😂😅😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

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