Friday , January 22 2021
Home / News / Giuliani calls John Bolton 'a total backstabber' after reading his memoir

Giuliani calls John Bolton 'a total backstabber' after reading his memoir

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani discusses being featured in former national security adviser John Bolton’s new book.

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  1. This man is an American hero!

  2. If he's a backstabber, something has to be true

  3. God said to never walk with the wicked. To walk with a wicked man is to become wicked.

  4. One should never have loyalty to anyone but God (and our constitution). People go into government not to work for Trump or to be loyal to Trump, but to work for America and to be loyal to Americans. So, if the President or VP, or any official turns out to be self-serving, corrupt, wicked, and perverse (which is Trump), then turning on him is the most righteous thing to do! You go Bolton! God will bless you for this.

  5. Bolton follows in the steps of the rest of Trumps turncoats. They get 15minutes of fame slandering the President and then fade away into obscurity. So predictable these people are.

  6. Nurse….Rudy is out of bed again

  7. Bolton is narcissistic it seems…revenge/make money/no conscious/two faced. Rudy G. says the truth about Trump and all. God bless him!

  8. Atllis you said you knew him 10 years most of the time the two layer you and Donald Trump's some things come up true you gais dinay you know him

  9. Anyone who buys Bolton's book has nothing better to do.

  10. Shut up and take your medicine. It’s better to backstab one man than to backstab the American public as you and Trump have done.

  11. Seem like Bunker Boy is America's biggest mistake

  12. Trump has already moved on a long time ago.

  13. Bolton says Trump wanted to collude with China but Trump would never do that. Trump “Russia if you’re listening…”
    Rudy says “collusion not a crime”

  14. I want to read this book now, Rudy promoting Bolton's book

  15. Wasn't John Bolton the U.N. Ambassador from the U.S. who told the U.N. that if they would leave New York that he would personally help them down to the waiting ships in the harbor.

  16. The SWAMP is getting SWAMPIER.

  17. Jeffery Epsteins buddies are name calling Bolton?hahaha!

  18. Bolton has different view with President Trump on Middle East and other areas. But I think president Trump is much smarter than him. Anyone can write a book. But Trump is the only one has the ability to make America great again. Trust Bolton or the President? Your choice.

  19. When the word "truth" gets mentioned in the Trump administration "Heads Roll!"

  20. mud slinging, all the way, politics

  21. Bolton has never sent any troops ANYWHERE EVER WAKE UP

  22. Rudy appears to have crossed the line between a prominent ex-Mayor to a distinguished conman. Insofar as Trump, he hired the very best people – so he said – strangely they, for the most part, turned against him afterwards…

  23. Lmao Rudy is so delusional nowadays, its sad 😥

  24. Repeat: This book will be in any Dollar tree for one dollar

  25. I totally agree Mayor! John Bolton is a coward and like most of the old guard in politics "on the hill", he needs to shut his mouth and enjoy his retirement somewhere on the Red Desert of Wyoming or Arizona. Away from politics, news correspondants, computers, paper and pen! A loose canon, big mouthed, coward.

  26. What..? Backstabber, what in hell does Guiliani think he is ??? Hey Rudy take retirement and review all your tv appearances, LOL !!!

  27. Trump blocks him form testifying in impeachment trial, and now is trying to stop the book from releasing. Yall really dont see whats going on here. Or we just saying f*** it?

  28. You should know about back stabbers, Rudi.


  30. Sour grapes NEOCON Bolton cannot run Trump like he did George Bush jr.

  31. I used to like John Bolton but now he puts his book above the country. He should stop it now.

  32. donald trump 12,000 lies and counting. he is sick. Worst president in history. Below last place.


  34. The Trump Presidency is the Titanic….Giuliani, Fox News, Rush, Evangelicals, its sad. I am a moderate and he uses people, MAGA people do not seem to get it. He does not even care about his supporters ! He wants to hold a rally for his followers in a pandemic just for video and photos in November.

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