Thursday , November 26 2020
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Giuliani slams Biden's new push for networks to stop booking him

President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani fires back on FOX Business’ “Mornings with Maria” after the Biden campaign demanded that major TV networks stop booking him as a guest on their programs.

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  1. Harris needs to be suspended and stopped from making any hateful unsubstantiated claims! She has no personality, no charisma and has a following that is totally moronic and hate is its eternal song.Impeach Trump and remove him from office and see earth quakes and Tsunamis occurring!

  2. According to the September 2018 indictment in which Paul Manafort confessed as part of a plea bargain with U.S. special prosecutor Robert Mueller, Manafort helped former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to conduct a media campaign in the West directed against Tymoshenko in order to undermine the support for her by the administration of then U.S. President Barack Obama. The campaign was designed to make Tymoshenko look like a supporter of anti-Semitism. The indictment also states that in July 2011, former U.S. journalist Alan Friedman sent Manafort a confidential six-page document entitled "Ukraine – the digital road map", which contained a plan for "destruction" of Tymoshenko using video, articles and social networks. The plan included creating a website, posting on the Internet, and sending out e-mails to "the target audience in Europe and the U.S." It was also proposed to edit the page of Yulia Tymoshenko in Wikipedia in order to emphasize the "corruption and legal proceedings" related to her.

    ……no wonder Trump hired Manfort for nothing……and now we have dumbass Rudy.

  3. The Media also covered-up Giuliani involvement in 9/11.

  4. There is no BLUR – duh – the "facts" are speaking for themselves. Nothing is getting LOST – duh. We the people see all that Biden has lied about and is now trying to cover up and doing. Biden just keeps digging his grave by his present actions!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey Biden – why are you suppressing what you are guilty of – it's obvious by demanding the networks (MSM) to not have Giuliani on their shows. We are not believing any of this garbage. You bragged about withholding the Billion dollar aid. You also said you never discussed Hunters positions in Ukraine – yet your own son said of course you discussed what he was involved with in the Company in Ukraine. You are really stupid!!!

  5. Re: Biden, as Shakespeare once said, "He protesteth too much." Really, Joe Biden. Even little old ladies on Social Security can see what you are doing. We've seen the video of you bragging about holding back the $1 Billion dollars unless they fire the prosecutor in your son Hunter's business deal in Ukraine.


  7. When you hear / read / the word "impeachment," substitute the word "coup."

  8. The Democrats brought down Biden, because they not want him to be found guilty in office and impeached, so it is better to help Tromp to win, to have time to cover up Biden wrong doing

  9. Robert DeNero should play Joe Biden. And Dave Chapelle should play Obama ..And Jussie Smollett as Corey Booker And Madonna as Elizibeth Warren. And Arnold Scharzenegger should play Trump as Terminator.. In the block buster hit movie. (( Area 51 Alien up rising. ))


  11. RUDY: Get better dentures. With all that corruption and your payoff money, surely you can get implants or something.

  12. That interviewer needs to turn off her pie hole after she asks a question. She constantly interrupts.

  13. Rudy ….. Rudy…. Rudy…..How come you never got Secretary of State??……something to do with business ties to Eastern Europe????

  14. Looks like a few of the people at fox are beginning to be bought out. Its will have to be us to come out Nov. 2020 and vote. And bring a friend to vote. Hell , get 3 or 4 people registered to vote and bring them too. Lets win 45 States for 45. Trump 2020.

  15. Sounds like someone savvy to what Giuliani has decided the only way to derail it is with a preemptive attack. And the unstated answer to Maria's question re indictments probably has to do with the GOP estimation that the only valid competition come November is Biden, and this was political ammo being saved for the big battle. That would make for a kind of knock out punch and makings fir good screen-time drama, but the choice to delay make come back to bite them. And yet going forward too early makes it look like they're afraid of a Biden bid and would look utterly political. All in all, despite their own machinations towards self advantage, both sides are capable of mutual destruction. A dark horse may end up stealing the prize. We'll see.

  16. When Biden threatened Ukraine to do as he said it was no less than blackmail.
    Trump asked the Ukrainian President to look into that. Who's the actual culprit?

    Biden's defense is that he did not do it for his son but acted as vice-President of the USA on behalf of the Obama administration. Whatever is true it would disqualify anyone as a future President. Biden has certainly no immunity due to the probable fact he will run against Trump in the 2020 election.

    The offence of blackmail is broadened by Biden's statement from the current offence of blackmail to downright extortion, and for which Obama is accountable. Therefore Trump has no other choice than to investigate the whole matter in whatever way he finds suitable.

    The President of the United States is as a matter of fact obliged to find out if the former administration has committed illegal actions involving the USA in another country. That's a constitutional duty and thus an essential part of the President's job.

  17. I disagree with the Biden campaign in this case, but only because Ghouliani keeps implicating others in the White House, constantly gets caught in lies (sometimes within two sentences (see Cuomo interview)), and is laughably stupid in most of these interviews. I truly believe Ghouliani, like Trump, is suffering from some kind of mental disease.

  18. The conversation kept going back to Trump and avoiding the obvious. HairPlugs the Pervert Biden is a corrupt scumbag and a sleazebag. So is his offspring. Like father like son. And the evidence is so damning that Biden belongs not only OFF the ticket, but wearing matching bracelets in a Federal Prison. Just what does the Traitorous left have to keep doing before its punished? Come on. Put the hair sniffing, pervert in a 8×8 cell. Our Founders are spinning in their graves. The disgrace.

  19. I am quite surprised that NO ONE in the media comments on Joe Biden's smile–it favors one side of his face. Biden has suffered a rather severe stroke and no one in the media makes a comment on this ?? I had the same thing happen to me, so I know what I am saying. Biden is about to croak and no one on the left is saying a damned this about this soon to be "stiff"

  20. OMG loud over the top American women..makes me cringe. Good to see Rudi investigating.

  21. Lady, I am an American and I am not getting blurred at all, I think I can see the truth, thank you very much!! I like you but please don't be condesending!!

  22. Giuliani works for the White House now? He is not supposed be cleared to handle any government issues, period!! What an idiot

  23. Hey lady! Let him talk!

  24. This b** don't care what f**** giuliani's got to say she just wants to get on there Runner f**** mouth

  25. Quit interuptin him let him finish frustrating trying to understand what hes saying with you talking over him!

  26. Shut the f**** b** and let the man talk

  27. Hey check on Humpty Dumpty Nadler's son too
    Both are dirty

  28. Biden and his son are pure corruption, as guilty as sin. Maria can't stand it when someone gets ahead of her.

  29. Maria is battling Ingram for who can interrupt their guests the most

  30. This will not end well the natives are getting restless and they all own guns. I pity an honest journalist if there is such a thing

  31. I hope Giullioni goes to Trump Rallys……better than Pence

  32. tell Maria to shut her big mouth and let the guest speak instead of constantly shouting over top of him . lousy job of being the host. not a good lead for FOX NEWS. Wm. Phillips

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