Sunday , January 17 2021
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Giuliani sounds off on petition for Barr to resign

President Trump’s personal lawyer and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani discusses Attorney General William Barr, President Trump and Democrats on Capitol Hill.

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  1. Fox News is the epitome of bias reporting.

  2. The crooked Dems are running scared. Prison is for many.

  3. Where is the fair and moral reporting FOX News used to be???? They both laughed, calling Lawyers in Washington DC "stupid," really? I'm so ashamed that being so disrespectful is the norm .. thank you Mr. President for landing America in a new low of amoral behavior.

  4. Trump will win because of this common phrase: "the more they hate him; the more I love him".

  5. They didn't try to impeach Trump. Trump was impeached on 2 articles. Stop trying to rewrite history.

  6. How funny, it's like asking the cop who's arresting you and the Judge who is sentencing you to step down. 🤣the demented demonicrats don't realize that they just signed their confessions of corruption and conspiracy..😚

  7. Will we see a Reagan 2.0 ? Fire the signatories for disloyalty and political biais?

  8. Giuliani is a clown. He's lucky he's not in jail.

  9. the biden are going to leave america you watch

  10. The Deep State will stop at nothing to thwart the people's choice of President Trump , how low can you go . These people , the Russians , have nothing on treachery compared to them . As if the Commander in Chief needs Russia's help with an electorate enamored with their President . It's a joke , nice try Spooks , however , we're not buying it !


  12. What a pair of idiots talking crap

  13. Barr is an embarrassment to the US

  14. When the Constitution is not being followed you are committing a crime. Why is this being ignored.

  15. Some one has to pay the Barr bill

  16. By signing the petition we now have a shopping list of which DOJ members to investigate for corruption…

  17. Bill Barr acts like he doesn't know his job is to put Clinton, Comey, McCabe, Strozk, Brennan, Clapper and the entire string of criminal government officials in jail. putting criminals in jail (prosecution) is the results that prove justice is being served to America!!  we need those results Barr. God Himself isn't going to restore His Faith to the DOJ if those results aren't on my desk by next quarter. you want to restore faith, trust, and integrity to the DOJ? who do you think faith, integrity, and trust comes from? we ask God for His. duh! get the job done Barr

  18. McCarthy was right. And they found out just how right he was when the Verona project was released.

  19. God bless you both! Keep fighting for truth!

  20. the trump administration can no longer continue he is tearing our country apart the last 3 years have been entertaining for sure but it's time to fix the country and get back to normal time for the reality show "TRUMP TAKES THE WHITE HOUSE" must come to an end we need real politicians to run the country now.time for a democrat.

  21. Rudy Ghouliani will share a prison cell with Trump shortly

  22. Rudy lost his brain along with his teeth. This two idiots need a forced vacation. Lol you know the ones fox gives

  23. Rudy , it would be easier to believe in your integrity and concern if not for your hand in the 911 coverup while you were mayor of new york

  24. It's getting closer to indictment time for swamp rats!!! So naturally they go after Barr ANY way they can.

  25. Why is it that all dirty lawyers smell the same.must be all that dirty money they stuff in their pockets.

  26. We All know they are corrupted but what we want to know is, is there going to be done something about it to stop the corruption?

  27. You can't lose something you don't have!

    I'm former democrat

  28. History exonerated Joe McCarthy. See the book American Betrayal backup Diana West.

  29. The wrecking ball is coming and the "Paper shredder" Pelosi knows it!

  30. Time to set up a sting on these corrupt democRATS. Demented Fancy would believe that she is now Madam Preezydint since DJ Trump is impeached forever and Mike Pence is missing in action. An actor in a penguin suit a handful of Valium and a cheap bottle of vodka would get her ranting for hours. Then again she still may get off by pleading the PISSED AMENDMENT.

  31. Barr shouldn't resign – he should be FIRED. That corrupt, feckless, do-nothing is as useless as Jeff Sessions was. Barr thinks his job is to cover the DOJ's a$$. Barr is a disloyal, disgraceful, swamp monster.

  32. drama drama, dirty Nasty,that is the way of Bananas country's

  33. Doesn't Rudy remind you of Bozo The Clown with that hair? Acts like a Bozo too.

  34. Wow, what a gift. 2,000 swamp creatures have just revealed themselves. Fire them all Mr Barr.

  35. GOP needs to stop legitimizing Dems’ fraud.

  36. Taxpayers are being ripped off by crooked lawyers incounched tn our government.

  37. Yes, WHERE are Some ppl's CONSCIENCE?? What's Real and what's RIGHT!!! The PEOPLE!! Real life out here!!

  38. Democrats are a scary bunch of criminals. They need to be put in check permanently

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