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Giuliani Wanted ‘Multiple Investigations’ Into Joe Biden, Says Ukranian Official | NBC News NOW

Igor Novikov, a former adviser to Ukrainian President Zelensky, told NBC News that Rudy Giuliani wanted “multiple investigations” into Joe Biden during a 2019 phone call with Ukrainian officials. NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell explains what Novikov claims Giuliani said and why that phone call is so important.

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  1. So , we Still want to know about the Biden crime family

  2. @NBC Please Keep telling us how popular biden is! And how he won in the Cleanest Election ever!

  3. He got those racist teeth

  4. The reason he isn't paying him for his work…to distant himself when Rudy takes the fall!!! Under the bus Rudy!!

  5. Rudy evils person look 👀 at His face tell A lot even when l was mayor as prosecutor lucifer in flesh for real he did lot wrong doing for sure

  6. Rudy going to sing like a parrots 🦜

  7. this is the case when only the first part of your wish comes true: ‘Multiple Investigations’. Never cut your prayer

  8. Honestly, it is one thing to play dirty with your rival in the run-up to election. But its a whole other ball game when you turn to a foreign country to bring your FELLOW AMERICAN down! Rival or not.! These men cannot be trusted with Top Secrets. Traitors to the bone!

  9. I'm flabbergasted👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐go Merrick gettem

  10. Are you kidding she can't even get her words out right Because it's a crock of BullS get your mouth an words right your stumbling because you don't know how to make it up liar

  11. Ghoulliani who killed over 2,000 9-1-1 First Responders. Now this! What a POS!

  12. Deeper we go Giuliani and The Mob Boss / trump !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. On the west coast, today, it is 2:30 pm. There has been ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, NO mention WHATSOEVER of Cinco de Mayo today on the NEWS❗ why isn't MSM acknowledging OF-COLOR Americans– PARTICULARLY Hispanics Today– SO MUCH of the US once belonged TO THEM❗13-min. Documentary

  14. MAGA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Russian intelligence

  15. All you people don't care that biden's kid was making millions of dollars from Ukraine with no experience what is wrong with you people all that it's been proven to be all wrong Jesus Christ get a clue

  16. Past crime are catching up to giuliani and his boss trump?

  17. Well well, the chickens have come home, and the snakes are ready to bite. KARMA!

  18. Now there will be multiple investigations into your conduct as a traitor Mr. Giuliani. And you never got paid for your efforts.

  19. Quid pro Joe literally on camera with holding funds.

  20. I truly believe the conversation was perfect it trump's eyes. Hear me out.
    When trump went to school, often he would get 32/100 or even 15 out of 100 on a test. Then he would brag about his failure to his dad. Daddy trump would then tell him, "Perfect, just fricken perfect!"

  21. I am smelling burnt toast

  22. How many of the insurrectionist politicians are lawyers and how/what do we do to get the Bar Association to disbar them??? They have GOT to do something about their members that break laws and the Bar's conduct rules! American Bar Association Rules of Conduct:
    Rule 3.1: Meritorious Claims & Contentions
    Rule 4.1: Truthfulness in Statements to Others
    Rule 8.4: Misconduct

  23. Is Rudy Count Dracula's descendant?

  24. I'm here for the trumpuppets excuses 🤣🤣🤣

  25. Giuliani, what happen to you? I used to respect you, especially right after 911…

  26. FBI doesn't seem too interested in Hunter and Joe's money laundering operation with China.

  27. Fake news. Anyone will say anything for the right amount of money

  28. This was what the second impeachment trial was all about. Once more, Republicans on the wrong side of the truth.

  29. This is what happen to everyone that is related to Trump,the list is long
    His whole administration probably is goin jail…..may be even his own family.

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