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Global Warming: rising temperatures could bring more snow | Just The FAQs

Climate change is making winters colder, despite rising temperatures and hotter summers. Here’s why.

Forget fall – portions of central U.S. will feel downright winter-like over the next few days as a potent snowstorm and bitter cold take aim on the region.

The powerful system is expected to produce heavy snow, as much as 12 inches, from the north-central Rockies into the northern Plains, the National Weather Service said. Winter storm warnings and watches are already widespread across the region, all the way from Idaho to Minnesota.

Significant travel impacts, tree damage and sporadic power outages will be possible where the heaviest snow occurs, the weather service in Grand Forks, North Dakota, warned.

Both Denver and Minneapolis could see their first snow of the season.

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  1. Another dumbass democrat hoax it's been going on every sense Al Gore cryed global warming bye Al Gore's book we are supposed to be under water bye year of 2000 or 2008 what ever happen to that it's a hoax idiots

  2. Global warming is not real. They have been saying since the 1980s that we only had 15 years left. They said by the year 2000 it would be too late and Florida and New York would be underwater. It's not happening it's been 30 years. Barack Obama knows sea levels are not rising and are not going to rise because he just spent 15 million dollars on beachfront property. These people are evil trying to tax CO2 which all people breathe out and plants need to survive and produce oxygen

  3. Stop being ridiculous… trying to explain everything…. your BS is a hoax.. we all know it…

  4. More snow means more burning of fossil fuels to stay warm O_o

    Sooooooo how does the Solar Cycle play into this? 😉

  5. more warming more food, you fulls. More snow and heavy ice on the land masses more volcanic action. if you dont get it then take geology course. Stones dont lie, politicial groups doo.

  6. Global warming is a myth proven by scientists- the Ice Age occurred millions of years ago when people and cars were not in the picture – Nature goes thru changes all on its own – there are things we can do to slow the process but change will happen nonetheless.

  7. Total bull crap video full of disinformation. The polar caps are being covered with carbon black or soot to keep the ice melting to promote rising sea levels, all intentionally orchestrated just like all other global warming events. Research Chemtrails spraying of soot and carbon black to promote heating up the earth via physics and physical chemistry as this 30 year Physics & Chemistry& Math instructor whistle blower is exposing for the dumbed down peoples of the world who essentially vastly lack in science education & basic scientific knowledge. Do some research orchestrated Climate Change events by the Deep State & the New World (Communist Take Over) Order

  8. Omg this is not knew news! You can say you are going to do something, but are you going to act on what you say!

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