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GM gas guzzler gets electric makeover

Once known as a gas guzzler, the Hummer is back and is now fully electric. FOX Business’ Grady Trimble with more from GM’s Design Dome. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Put a boom on it and you’ve got a Franna.
    On a cloudy winters day with no wind, the crane is parked.
    RIP beast.

  2. As soon as congress passes Biden’s infrastructure bill/ major auto companies will have backing by the government to have standard electric charging stations all across the US. Autos will evolve quickly

  3. It runs on butterfly breath and unicorn farts.

  4. GM can drive those cars where the sun does not shine and then step on the accelerator.


  6. If you take that thing on the trail you can run the battery down in 30 mins. Fact.

  7. 🤨 When killers use guns against people that Don't have guns, do they stop the killing with guns or laws?
    And if people have to give up guns to stop people that are killing us with guns, how do you protect people if you don't have weapons… And why do you want the police and military to give up their guns? 🤔
    You don't just want average at home jane doe to be home alone without protection, do you? 👀 👀

  8. The end is near; the handwriting is clearly on the wall. Repent of your sins and turn to Jesus Christ as your Saviour and Lord now. Tomorrow may too late!

  9. Expensive, and will probably live in the repair shop with battery problems!!!!! Wait and see. That electricity to charge it will be produced from fossil fuels????

  10. I'd like a percentage on how many electric companies use fossil fuels? Even leftist M. Moore knows the Green Deal won't work.

  11. Then it will never have the torque that a real Hummer has. I'll stick with my Silverado.
    This thing is a city "truck". Currant bushes won't charge it in the wild!

  12. Morons….There's still a carbon footprint to produce the electricity to power it

  13. It will come with its own tow behind diesel generator

  14. Gm won’t be around another 3 years go look at their numbers they are down 46% since last year

  15. The crooked weeder simulteneously extend because duck habitually fool round a literate pond. easy, selfish age

  16. So now it runs on coal? Now you can make a car payment and when that first electric bill comes it's gonna be a shocker

  17. They'll sell to tons.
    And everyone will want to charge them overnight.
    Thern the grid will crash.
    Probably a fat govt. Subsidy that will go to wealthy people.

  18. How much is vehicle
    How much is charger
    How much are batteries
    How much to dispose of batteries
    How much environmental impact when batteries are useless and no good anymore.
    How much environmental impact to create this small fortune.
    Mabe a deal if you only have to buy one in a lifetime and is guaranteed that way. Did you ever see an electrical fire? Nice way to go out.
    They should call it the Sizzler🤣

  19. Congrats a hummer no one can afford 😂

  20. LOL… You think it was called the "cyber truck"? If you don't know why are your reporting on electric trucks?

  21. 75-80 % of the batteries will be coming from China ! Can you u use Corruption – Special Interest Group in the same sentence ? You now have a understanding of Standard Operating Procedures of Democrats (SOP)

  22. This will be the end of general motors when they go deep into electric cars and trucks.

  23. There is nothing revolutionary about this. This is exactly what we don't need, $100k so no one normal can buy it and a massive battery that only gets about 300 miles of range which means it will be in the low 200's in the real world.

  24. And how much radiation is emitted by this one?

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