Thursday , November 26 2020
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GM strike takes 'turn for the worse' as Union rejects latest offer

Lauren Fix, also known as ‘The Car Coach,’ gives her insights on the ongoing General Motors strike.

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  1. The democrats won’t save you.

  2. Nationalize the entire economy already! Once it collapses, we can pick up the pieces and get to a free market, free enterprise system.

  3. Don't feel sorry for these people no wonder gm went bankrupt make them in the south where unions dont exist and dont hire any ex union people

  4. Last time I wrote in support of unions on FOX, my comments were erased ,I thought only the left leaning news organizations did that

  5. Unions are only good for 1 thing–ensuring employee safety on the job. Otherwise, they're comprised of nothing but useless, greedy money-grabbers.

  6. Thank God I have enough sense to know not to buy any UAW manufactured vehicle.

  7. Forget about it … They should move to a free to work state …

  8. Go bankruptcy and send them all home

  9. Dump the union, I know many people who would take those jobs at a rate that is less than those wanted by the unions asap.

  10. We must realize that we are heading to a socialist society! Praise the democrats! GM instead of giving the employees a raise. Must put that money into we that can’t work!! The workers, union. Must give to the people of America that can’t work!!

  11. The UAW will cost these people there jobs, along with destroying GM.. The union is a joke !

  12. I can't believe union is still a thing, get into 21st century you dinosaurs

  13. What a surprise a union not agreeing hope gm leaves the table restructures and reclassifies there job title and does away with all the positions of the ones striking and start fresh with new employees

  14. I hope the UAW continues with the strike until GM goes bankrupt in the US and ceases operations. It would serve the union right. They are overpaid, overcompensated, and the reason why the car industry is moving over seas.

  15. Unions are such a joke.

  16. Unions are the scourge of the free market.

  17. Unions have pushed people out of jobs in this country! They've destroyed cities and some States!

  18. GM shouldn't give in! These employees already cost the average car buyer enough. Not only do they get paid well with benefits and pension plans but they get heavily discounted vehicle's while the rest of us hard working Americans can barely afford to buy from the big 3!

  19. Is this like the Air traffic control strike to harm Reagan for the DNC? Reagan did good. Hope Trump doesn't have to intervene.

  20. Have fun living off that $250 a week

  21. Free market capitalism made us strong, the merger between big business and big government on a road to socialism made us weak. The unions who formed to fight back against big business abuses then became corrupted themselves by the same Left who caused the big business and big government merger problems in the first place, who now are nothing more than Commie thugs wielded to extort innocent businesses and workers of money, and then launder that money to the Democrat Party.

  22. Hate to see GM move to another country, but serves them right, . All this is the union.

  23. Move the plants to Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama!! We have people willing to work!!
    Also Mississippi and Alabama have ocean ports for easy exports!!

  24. I have never owned a GM product before and chances are I never will.

  25. They never learn. Fire them all & hire non- union….

  26. Union workers could never cut it at a real job.

  27. General motors for life!!!!!!

  28. The uaw is killing the golden goose. That provides them with manufacturing jobs. Even though the inept practices of the leadership has got GM were it is today because it's hard to find quality people to fill the jobs when GM is trying to save money on engineers and white collar workers. To offset the union workers who sometimes make less or the same as people who are working on the line. Every car made in America has a 2 or 3 thousand dollar price tag added to it with the big three. Just for the union pensioners for insurance. A friend of mine just complained yesterday that he couldn't get the parts he needed for his vehicle yesterday. So his mechanic found everything he needed after market in California for 1 third the price with free delivery. He even ordered moog parts from America that we're way cheaper than the dealership. And better made. Honestly I can't see why any line workers should demand more money or benefits because of the contractions in the globalist markets in America. As the Democrats allow millions of workers to take your jobs with the open borders ideology. And allowing globalization to envelop America. Remember Delphi? Porkay? No comprenday? IF YOU ARE A UNION WORKER YOU HAVE TO VOTE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP . He's the only one who wants to protect American jobs. Union and nonunion jobs in America.

  29. GM got a massive bailout from taxpayers, the least they could do is treat their American workers fairly.

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