Tuesday , December 1 2020
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GM, UAW reach tentative agreement: Report

FOX Business’ Grady Trimble reports on the tentative deal struck between General Motors and the UAW after five weeks of contract negotiations.

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  1. Thanks for the higher prices!!Not buying American .

  2. Thanks for the all the lies. Time to sell my house. Trump lost mine all my co-workers votes. DoneWithTrump

  3. Cant wait to get my Ford van on Tuesday

  4. Just like teachers, they want more money, even though they already make 5 times what most people make! Im done with GM!

  5. With the Demo’s help, the poor people will be walking to work.

  6. im just here for the uneducated comments!

  7. Bunch of cry babies in this country

  8. See that socialists? Working, capitalism and free trade and enterprise. See why we are the richest and most powerful? Yeah I know, Sweden and Canada is so much better than us.

  9. An these people wonder why their jobs get shipped over seas. Union Workers are over paid an under worked. These auto workers don't assemble anything they assist robots an computers do their labor now because of their last strikes 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 keep it up an your gonna strike yourself out of a job .

  10. "Workers of the world unite"
    is NOT an American slogan,
    but it does explain today's Democrats

  11. CEO makes 22 million a year and wont spread the wealth. This is just the beginning.

  12. Will never work for another Union, ever.

  13. Whatever they agree on.Look for higher priced vehicles.

  14. For the most part, unions have outlived their usefulness and are now just greedy pigs. They are a good part of the reason why our car industries have moved off shore.

  15. I am a loyal Toyota purchaser so, this is lost on me.

  16. Bring back unions and build up the middle class. Right to work states pay less to workers and don’t support working families.

  17. GM produces military weapons and sells them to the Pentagon to be sold to foreign countries.

  18. You should use binding arbitration so you don't have to go on strike

  19. GM was built by America. So GM
    moved to China. Did not pay the
    stimulus loan back to America.
    GM is a communist company now.
    Wow it just don't figure.
    US SAILOR said that.

  20. Meanwhile the US who buys GM products pay for this strike.

  21. F*** the union all unions f*** them in the a****

  22. We don't need no education. We don't need no thot control.

  23. And how funny(only in a make believe world) that dizzy lizzy became President and taxed the crap out of them.

  24. Lol i hope they hire new idiots

  25. Only ones i care about are the ones that was affected by the strike that lost there jobs & insurance. But they do not talk about them poor people.

  26. thank God I don't by GM products

  27. how freaking awesome would it be if the tentative deal that they were about to reach was that all the GM workers were just fired and replaced with Mexicans brought here by Democrats

  28. Sorry I got my sympathy for people that make over 100k a year and want more money. No normal person will be able to afford a car at all

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