'God bless Elon Musk' for releasing 'Twitter Files': Rep. Comer

Kentucky Rep. James Comer reacts to Twitter CEO Elon Musk releasing the company’s internal emails on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #FOXBusiness #TheEveningEdit

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  1. All sounds like a bunch of kids gossiping about he said she said every day all day without any real consequences

  2. I'm glad that Elon took over Twitter🙌🏾🙌🏾 the power distribution is leaning all the way left. even though I voted Biden, I know that power on 1side is anti progress

  3. Just say it criminal behaviour should be prosecuted hunter Joe fbi cia doj nsa fisa what a sewer and top it with top republican politicians. What a bunch of crooks President Trump had to fight just imagine what he could have accomplished over what he did do without these liars and thieves attacking him 24/7 may GOD keep him safe we pray

  4. Is not Foxnews media worse than twitter sensoring the leader of the conservative party, the president of the America when the whole world was shocked to hear that Twitter banned and now the Faxnews cersored to mention about Trump, the president of the USA and they are talking about all other concervatives !!! It is clear from MUSK that Trump did the best for America and still Foxnew censors to talk about Trump!!!

  5. Thank GOD for Elon Musk. HaleluJah Amen SHALOM.

  6. Throw the politicians in Jail !
    Colby n Clinton’s/.
    Biden n Hunter ! Money !
    Censorship n Covid
    Fauci n gain of Function
    Anyone Corrupt in power.
    WEF , Abuse of Power !
    Huge. Throw all in Jail
    Even Administrations.
    Real News is Good News.
    Corruption is evident the last 4 years everyday. Take the power away from Corporations, politicians Term Limits and let
    American Freedoms enjoy Life again with out The Lobbyists controlling our politics , Public know but we need the Media to not be controlled as currently is !

  7. Germany's government is just the same.
    Like dogs of the Democratic Party

  8. Does anyone really watch CNN anymore? Now a days I have to get news sources outside the US to find out whats going on in the US lol 😅

  9. god bless him..your MOCKING GOD ALMIGHTY. he is Satan's Advocate….open your eyes…

  10. Elon Musk is one of GODS WARRIORS fighting for TRUTH,FACTS & FREEDOM, BRAVO ELON & Thank you!!!
    The TRUTH will set us FREE!!!!

  11. Witnessing the anti taking world stage before our eyes

  12. The Biden Crime Family has lined their pockets with corruption and deals with our enemies like CHINA and others.


  14. Thank you for doing your job for the AMERICAN PEOPLE. DEFUND THE FBI, DOJ, CIA ETC.

  15. God bless Elon Musk' for releasing 'Twitter Files, Amen !!!

  16. The problem is that there is so much missing. Could this be a manipulative ploy to misdirect/downplay the real story?

  17. Absolutely we are all committed to the truth coming to light, therefore all of us in union must put Elon MUzk in a Prayer 🙏🙏 of protection 🙏 for his integrity, 🙏 in the hands of God specifically from those of the 3 letters that are executing hands of biden has evil 😈 the evil .