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Going to 'defer to the FDA career scientists' on COVID-19 vaccine: HHS secretary | ABC News

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar is interviewed on “This Week.”

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. This guy is a RAT when the rubber hits the ground he walks and putts it on everyone else, he will get his vaccine long before any one of us you can bet on that.

  2. Christ what lies. Trump didn't encourage people to wear masks… say "if you want to," then went on to set the example of not wearing one.

  3. Humanity Deceived! . Starvations & Diseases by Design. For The Truth About COVID-19 & Other Diseases read, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr Robert B Strecker. We face three things in our lives, Religion, Government & Medicine. All Three Have Failed Humanity.
    “Science Destroys Our Civilization With It’s Man-Made Diseases & Supposed Cures With Its False Science”, exposed by Dr Strecker, Dr Eva Lee Snead, Dr William C. Douglas and a Host of others. Dr Francis Boyle say COVID-19 IS A BIOWEAPON.
    Being Strong Is The Only Choice We Have.

  4. He sucks , he will be gone soon , Hypocrite

  5. ..They call it COVID-19 VACCINE which seems like another acronym (COVID-19 NAtional VACCInation) because it turns out that the virus could not be isolated, so what the …% & will that injection bring? Ahh, but the "news" media allied to the CO-V-I-D-19 DEPOPULATION AGENDA announce it as the "saving" injection of humanity, so let them put it first …

  6. Azar let us see you take the injection 🥸

  7. This Trump sycophant is lying through his teeth!to say they've encouraged mask wearing and social distancing is a bunch of bull they've all ignored it up until this moment when the country is in the biggest crisis it's been in since it's founding! Azar and all his ilk should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law not only for lying to the public for demanding that schools be open businesses keep open restaurants keep full capacity gyms beauty shops barber shops sports concerts and everything else continue as if nothing is happening!

  8. How can anyone be sure that vaccine is working and not the natural heird immunity, or another factor? Take as examples the incidences of Covid in Sweden and in the prisions and guettos of Brazil: it were to be very much higher than expected, if not by action of heird immunity ( or what?). The statistics studies employed with Covid19 vaccines fail terribly in: sample number, time allowed for adverse effects, and low presence of the biochemical parameters observed in these studies, the same substances irregularly observed in many patients with Covid virus infection. Not mentioning the torn interpretations of the basic null test hypothesis results.

  9. A vaccine so safe that people need to be bribed and coerced into getting it.

  10. A Better Alternative

    "Today's commercial world does not advertise or promote enough
    to the general public a better superior alternative;
    A true sure cure remedy to kill off the invisible menacing virus enemy.
    Turn towards 'natural nature' it will provide you many answers!! Outside closely at your feet."

    (This discovery could prevent many deaths too save lives.)

    "A second constructive point: The speed and completion of this new medical vaccine
    and the roll-out distribution; Shows what could have been easily done along ago
    for the civil citizens of African descent."

    'To conclude: For The Love Of Humanity & Quality Equality.'

  11. Uk are getting the vaccine why aren't we getting it right now if the FDA keeping us from receiving it they need to go around them on approval

  12. .. .xx. …… ..End  COVID-19 … Now.  
    Directory of  Doctors curing   thousands  of  outpatients … fast.

  13. The whole damn thing is out of hand! My wife is a front line worker at a covid clinic and the hospital she works for sees her and her coworkers as expendable, just do what your told with or without the proper safety equipment! We are all being told just drink the kool aid!

  14. His interviews are on replay
    He repeats the same lies and support for this failure of an administration in every interview he has given .

  15. UK just came out of a 2 week lockdown. We arent walking away like this clown. Our infections dropped by a third. Which means the hospitals can remain functional. If you wont wear a mask now then you are a selfish POS.

  16. Wake up the American. Take down the CCP.

  17. Don’t take the vaccine

  18. Yes cause this administration is known for creating policy by following the science.

  19. Total failure and non stop liars…..

  20. listen to the interview with Azar 4 months ago… what a piece of crap…listen to this lying crap and compare the interview 4 months ago… f.u

  21. Azar is a piece of crap… a lying hypocrite… Trump never promoted masks… listen to this crap… remember this is a Diaper Don

  22. No thanks! We remember the "Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment," you can keep your vaccine. –The Black American Community

  23. /// the devoted citizens in freedom and democracy country to save the children or human!!!
    Don't cry, baby… warm, free democracy citizens
    Evidence: Democratic Party lawmakers participate in counting (illegal)

  24. That's right and don't forget it was Trump who pushed it with his warp speed it wasn't for Trump it wouldn't have happened so quickly thanks to Donald Trump the best president we've ever had. Now be concerned for the new Socialist Party

  25. Beurocrats are not scientists

  26. Democrats are tied up with the CCP! under Dems our democracy is doomed look at this video from CCP!

  27. When did DT call wearing a mask patriotic? That is a false statement AKA a lie.

  28. Don’t take the Bill Gates death vaccine.

  29. Every blotus sycophant should be the last to get any vaccine let alone regular help…because socialism or whatever.

  30. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar on CNN Sunday. He was interviewed on Jake Tapper's State of the Union program, where he said that part of the reason our mortality rate is so high in America is because African-Americans are so unhealthy. He also said that "Unfortunately, the American population is a very diverse…" before stumbling and mumbling to another thought which was as equally terrible. Alex Azar is a racist POS!

  31. Pump fear, enforce closures, crash the economy, justify expediting “The great reset”. But we are awake and we do not consent! #TheGreatAwakening 🖖🏼🇺🇸

  32. Propoganda. They laugh their a** off before shooting this stuff. Dont be stupid, dont believe this trash

  33. Nobody’s buying it anymore give it up and “everyone is not in it together”

  34. Church's closed men's bath houses open, I guess blood and feces are ok but breathing air is bad.

  35. Can we test it on BILL GATES first???

  36. I can’t stand listening to azar or redfield anymore. They are 2 people who enabled Trump and pence to downplay Trump snd the use of mask, thank god they will be replaced soon . I just wish they can just stop talking and let real exerts fix the mess they did


  38. Dec. 2020….Flu Vaccine, Tylenol Cold & Flu : Cold, NO VACCINE…Tylenol Extreme Cold : Covid 19… Upcoming Vaccine, "Tylenol, Flu, and Covid" Any questions? Flu kills more kid today than covid while there is a vaccine for flu. Face coverings for this may or may not be needed. HIV is still here. Corona Virus has been around since 2002.

  39. The irony of the signage behind him. His own boss and the cult don't follow it

  40. So a multi-family gathering onboard an airplane would be safe. Got it.

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