‘GOING TO LOSE’ THE USA: Republicans, Democrats spar over ‘stark differences’

Rep. Jeff Van Drew, R-N.J., on the southern border migrant surge, rising nationwide crime and the Garden State’s climate change agenda. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Trump loves our country and he stands up for our country and trump don't turn his back on our country and we will not turn our backs on him. Trump will close the borders again and he will get the criminal illegal out vote early for trump at the polls save our country.

  2. We're going to lose our country because the biden administration has put a welcome sign on it!!! This is insane please close the border, n start sending illegals back to their own countries! I was n felt safer under trump!!! FJB! MAGA!!! TRUMP 2024 !

  3. Why wasn't the Democratic party abolished after the civil war???

  4. Deport IRS agents along with illegal migrants!

  5. When we dont have any rights anymore because of our very weak presiden& very much of a crook,we the people need to stand & demand better for future!

  6. 😅these crimes would not be happening under president Trump!shame on biden the clown& his minions

  7. Too many dirty Republicans ‼️‼️

  8. United Sanctuaries Of America!

  9. If Trump dis what obiden and Obama are doing. He would be under the prison!! Someone needs to be held accountable now!! Jail time. Obama is responsible for everything happening today. Obama is running things. Obama is a fraud. Americans are under attack from within and out! Obama opened the border letting in terrorists and drugs. Rhen spreading them throughout the country.


  11. Almost of the crime committed 99.5% is STILL by The Black PeopleThe ones letting all The Criminals out of Jail are The Black PeopleThe reason stores are locking everything UP/ Closing for Good is The Black People…The ones trying to send PRESIDENT TRUMP TO JAIL are The Black People

  12. Maria! Thank you for your excellent reporting! It is easy to see how much you love America 🙏🇺🇸

  13. Act of war by the biden administration against the American citizens and the US constitution and the crime is treason. Why hasn't the military intervened so that we may elect a representative government?

  14. 😂 he said wokefy lmao what is that leftist spotify?

  15. Why is it that able-bodied males aged 17-35 in Ukraine and Israel willingly stand up to defend their nations, while others seem to forsake their duty? Such a choice to walk away and become a so-called asylum seeker raises questions about commitment and responsibility.

  16. I thought "transparent" meant it was just another generation of messed up children!

  17. The NYPD is a criminal gang. Do some research watch some videos. They NEED to be held accountable! They are out of control and not just in NY.

  18. Oh what a tangled web they weave… Justice shall prevail, in the long run when they no longer feel safe themselves….

  19. Good thing the politicians don’t make this country. The people do.

  20. We always come back but how far?

  21. Demented Joe doesn't care!!!!

  22. Close the border, and deport every single illegal, would be the first step. Removing Biden and his entire administration would be step 2. The you could start the repair of all federal agencies like FBI, CIA, Homeland, etc., including judges and prosecutors.

  23. 🤣😂🤣 The DW Lady Ballers commercial 🤦🏼😭😲😆

  24. Those agents need to understand to understand that they are actively participating in human trafficking and can and should be held accountable. There is no excuse for them to willingly traffic humans for the Mexican Cartels.

  25. No point in being a police officer if you're not allowed to do your job.

  26. What the H has Phil Murphy been sucking on, his teeth are about to fall out!

  27. AGENDA 2030

  28. The illegals need a car to go with the drivers licenses that the Dem's keep handing out along with the get out of jail free cards!!America the free for thee.<<SAVE THE USA 1ST NOT LAST MAGA TRUMP 2024 GOD SAVE THE USA!!!>>

  29. If they are so damned concerned about air pollution,why aren't they keeping these wars from happening like Pres.TRUMP did?These wars are only emitting mega tons of air pollution.~~MAGA TRUMP 2024 !!~~

  30. The next election will definitely affect where our country ends up

  31. We need to be ready for an armed revolt if the elections go the wrong way and if things don't change.

  32. It’s gonna be too late by the time Trump takes over .. the damage would be too far gone

  33. Florida will always take seasoned police officers!

  34. NY needs more migrant, rev those buses up for NY!

  35. Okay, you're in Congress – do something! If you can't do anything, why are you there? I have no respect for either party.

  36. Abortion rights are killing Republican votes . ironically put but it's the truth .

  37. Democrats are narcissistic Sociopaths and have no use for the PEOPLE. They represent themselves. Sad very sad. Look at the BOARDER, VOTERS for free stuff. WAKE ⏰️ up ⏰️ PEOPLE. DISCERNMENT