Monday , April 19 2021
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Golden Globes Facing Diversity Concerns | NBC Nightly News

This year’s nominations were heavily criticized for snubbing several critically acclaimed Black-led projects. An investigation by the LA Times found the group that votes in the nominees has no Black members.

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Golden Globes Facing Diversity Concerns | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Ya, the new rule is: pick the black projects just because their black. Doesn't really matter if they are good. It's always the people crying racism that are the racist.

  2. Surprise, surprise… the hollywood foreign press huh ? what do you expect from a bunch of old racists ?

  3. My only question would be…why now…why not back then…and why now everyone is on board. All of these awards are unfair in the voting. Always the white cast, or best white actress, best male white actor. Just simply unfair treatment for years and years….

  4. They say that every year. Clear nothing is being done or every category has to have one or more diverse actor/actress….at that point youre just forcing it.

  5. when was the last time a white/latina/asian won a naacp award..

  6. Ricky Gervais should hosting this year slapped those loud mouth celebs back to reality.

  7. The most racist program.

  8. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

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  10. What time will y'all upload the Feb 28th, 2021 Nightly News full broadcast? I've checked your channel and your website numerous times and I still haven't seen the latest episode.

  11. every year this "lack of diversity" reporting bs, f your reporting and you, you are bastardizers of everything ‼️🤬, & f your diversity!

  12. I am ade munandar, people of america failures america can attack from indonesia in the form of violence against children in america will show with their behavior i ade munandar want them not to be soldiers of scientists for a while not really president because there is still a lot to learn to do work while helping my country ade munandar likes america have the right if you don't like Indonesia children under five want me ade munandar in america america don't believe they will show with their behavior Indonesia does not give me ade munandar freedom for positive things

  13. Did blacks invent movies ? electricity,? cable TV, DVDs, movie cameras,? if they invented ANYTHING at all either to make or watch movies then by all means they should be included .


  15. Am black, and I think we should let white people do their thing, maybe have our own black globe award?? It would be lit… 🔥 and stop asking them to like us?? If they don’t like us already… 🤷🏾‍♀️

  16. So tired of the racial game. Stop talking about it. 😩

  17. Gosh , just start your own awards ceremony. We have earned that . BELIEVE in yourself .

  18. The GG nominated black films and they won. So how can they be racist when you win the awards…????

  19. They should cancel the entire show. Actors these Days are a joke. 4-5 legends only

  20. Death to imperialist-communists in North America who are trying to silence & oppress We Native Americans!

  21. oh surprising no black people , also latino ,asian or others ,please if you could make all other races dissapear you would , name a famous latino or asian that is not. a joke or steriotype in whatever movie they are in took years for black people to built companies of their own because no one would given them a chance , any change at all from now on will come because they were put in the spot and shamed not because they wanted " America where you only have matter if you have money or are white"

  22. An L.A.times investigation? Lol.

  23. Who cares.. not saying this isn't important but like the priorities are so skewed.. like we're in a pandemic with other crazy things going on.. this doesn't even compare.

  24. In the words of Beyonce & Tyler Perry…stop begging for a seat at their table. BUILD YOUR OWN TABLE.

  25. There will be a lot of diversity in the kitchen staff for the after party.

  26. In the old days, reporters would debate which award show nominees were the best that year. Now, propagandists whine about the lack of "diversity."

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