Monday , January 25 2021
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Golden State Killer: authorities hold press conference | USA TODAY

A former police officer accused of terrorizing California as a serial burglar and rapist and killing more than a dozen people while evading capture for decades pleaded guilty.
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Forty years after a sadistic suburban rapist terrorized California in what investigators only later realized were a series of linked assaults and slayings, a 74-year-old former police officer pleaded guilty to being the elusive Golden State Killer.

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  4. "not my problem" societies always turn out bad. No respect for others and focusing on forcing one short sighted ideal on the bad guy of the week. Typical local governments playing games with people to ruin lives and force people to thinking one way or the other. Time for the federal courts to quit worrying about who owns four chords and words and audit the states' embarrassing short sighted, unconstitutional, scam rules.

  5. How long did people know and didn't do anything about it? While this was going on, the lawmakers were busy making more rules for this unaccountable untrained rule enforcer and forcing ideologies through increasing authorization and special privileges. It made everyone act like they're never responsible for their actions. They act like a bunch of weak minded con artists. Guess the mayors were out of town while the police acted like this, and everything else. They had a lot of time for parades and paying up front to contracts who would then just take the money and move or just keep doing nothing and asking for more parking meters.


  7. I would like to know what kind of world we are living in one for the black and one for the white, how comes a man who was trusted to served and protected people. Can committed such some criminals crimes against humanity, raping them and killing them for years and,nobody didn't find out until years after .Or the authority knows but failed to take action against him,if he was a black man they would not have saved his life. They would give him the death penalty because the system is so racist, you never can get justice as a black person. It is really sad that you are living in the United States and there is nobody in the authority you can really trust, because of the racism against black people in general and children. It would be much better you would be living in a communist country, because you know their constitutional rules straight forward. More than you are living into a democratic country and while police officers arrested you,and put on false charges against you because you are black .It is a very dangerous situation that you are living into a democratic country that hates black people in general and children, for no apparent reason. Only because you are black people in general and children ,also violated your constitutional rights.

  8. There is a hairline territory between criminalism and the current police functionalism

  9. Thats scary, wonder how many more cops are killers?

  10. let the guy go already, the warriors arent even in the playoffs anymore, he cant kill them after what kevin did to them

  11. The system is not about to get any real jail time out of him 74 years old he's probably about to die. That's why he said yeah I'm guilty!!! 74 years old when you fart he shoots out dust ain't got long to live… I believe he's just happy that he was able to create destruction.. Discusting people with destructive purposes in life..

  12. None of the people pontificating had anything to do with the investigation. Just a bunch of showboating. Let the real investigators speak.

  13. Enjoy the prison burritos. Not the ones with Ramen noodles.

  14. Guilty! I am surprised he admitted it was him!

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