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Golf fans injured after lightning strikes at PGA Tour in Atlanta

The lightning hit a tree, causing its debris to fall on unsuspecting fans.


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  1. It is nature's revenge for all you evil golfers. I've heard you bragging about hitting birdies, even bragging about hitting eagles , I say leave those birdies alone . Golf should be banned, to save the planet!

  2. Mass lightning strike, ban lightning

  3. god aint playing with the so called white man

  4. I too like to wear white tennis shoes with my blue suit… But I'm also not on TV. lmao.

  5. "Recorded video" … Let me see it then..

  6. Hundreds of people get hit by lighting every day on the face of this planet… why is this news?….

  7. In a forest swing metal polls around during a lightning storm…genius.

  8. God, I Love IT; bunch of "Zapped" Golf-FAGS❗️

  9. Damn, the onetime Trump wasn’t golfing. Maybe next time 🤞🏾

  10. What's with that anchors SHOES??


    lou christie.

  12. "Robert Bruchner was at the tournament and recorded video of the frightening incident on his cell phone."

    But, being a substandard "news" organization, we're not going to show it to you!

  13. They say you have a better chance at getting struck by lightning than winning the lotto, but if you get struck at a pga tour you get both im sure these people will be receiving millions from their lawsuits

  14. who stands under a tree in the lightning?

  15. Stupid people walking around an open field carrying lightning rods in a lightning storm.. I wonder how this is going to turn out….

  16. Blue suit and white trainers……what a twat 🤣🤣..!!

  17. Luckily, everyone they thought was injured were just the spectators that even the lightning couldn't get to wake up at a golf game

  18. So they’re outside with lightning storms? I thought this was popular knowledge..guess not. Rain has nothing to do with lightning 🌩

  19. Translation. I went to the ER on a stretcher this morning in an ambulance because of a kidney stone.

  20. Scary thing happen some greedy people buying all this land to throw around a small ball they can use it for I don't know homeless people or something back to you

  21. Don't worry Trump will Nuke the storms so this never happens again

  22. Who said golf's not fun, strike that, interesting!

  23. My mom & dads house got lightning struck that same day, came in thru internet box. My mom said it looked like a ball of fire and sounded like somebody shot a shotgun in the house. Scared them to death, fried all kind of stuff. But Thank God they ok.

  24. It wasn't raining though, didn't know lightning played by some made up rules.

  25. Few Irish wounded in there. Figures.


    Yes/no .

  26. The most electrifying moment in golf history!!!

  27. Who put channeling I on their trident

  28. I hope Bishop Pickering is alright.

  29. 0:53

    So let me get this straight.. here we are in 2019.. taking cover under a TREE to protect ourselves from LIGHTNING?? How retarded can humans actually get? I was told in elementary school that standing under a tree increases your chances of being struck, you’d be better off throwing all your shiny metal sticks under the tree and running around in circles until the storm is over. What’s next? “A group of high schoolers die in a bus as they take cover from a category 4 tornado”? Cmon dude. Just come ON.

  30. Fuck golfing!!!!!! Hobby for the weak and unskilled!!!??????

  31. Is this normal now. In two weeks I’ve heard of many cases of lightning strikes hitting people.

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