‘Good Samaritan’ who killed Indiana mall shooter identified

Authorities in Indiana identified the shopper who killed a gunman who opened fire in a Greenwood mall over the weekend.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  2. I'm glad the good Samaritan shot & killed this demon that had no conscience at all , now the little coward is in hell for murder !!! R.I.P . to the ones he murdered in cold blood !!! 😢🌷🌸💐🌺🌹🕊

  3. Dude has more balls than all the Uvalde police officers

  4. God bless you, Elijah! God rest those souls that were victims in this senseless act.

  5. Love how the psyop spinning msm puts quotes around "hero" and "good Samaritan" bc they just can't stand that a SEMI AUTOMATIC weapon being carried concealed SAVED the day.

  6. Good guy with a gun save the day need more people like him

  7. If this ever happens to me, you do not arrest me. Infact the body is mine, you can't have that either

  8. Of course it was a private citizen who killed the shooter. The cops were hiding in fear around the side of the building.

  9. Too many sheep out there.
    The media will report it any other way to fit their agenda.

  10. the thing is, there are other cases when someone tries to defend themselves, they end up getting fck by the system. I'm glad, hoping this dude just gets to enjoy life and no trouble comes his way

  11. This is the result of the "guns allowed" in this establishment". The upstanding citizen is allowed to protect themselves.

  12. After the fact I can care less what the family has to say


  14. I wonder if ABC, MSM in general, and their criminal corporate owners will ever learn to "be grateful" for those Americans who arm themselves and know how and when to shoot to prevent a killer from causing more suffering. Sorry ABC, but you have zero credibility for anything you print or say. Your history of deep bias, lies, deceit and the suffering it has caused and is still causing will not be forgotten. Stop pretending you suddenly care about an armed citizen who protects others.

  15. Whadaya know, right outside Dicks Sporting Goods who took a anti 2nd amendment stand on selling handguns. That's okay, we will continue to support Cabela's and Bass Pro instead.

  16. If only the police had the same guts .

  17. maybe the answer to crime is less police officers and more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens. Would you rob someone if you knew they probably had a gun?

  18. Thank God for that Good Samaritan because a lot more of innocent people would have died he would not have stopped at 3 most likely.

  19. Awesome job dude!

  20. Maybe if we have more trained individuals legally conceal carrying firearms, just maybe there would be more good samaritans around to help stop shooters before police arrive. The seconds matter.

  21. Sounds like he targeted Hispanics

  22. His motive is he was miserable and wanted to make others miserable too. In a word it was selfishness.

  23. The NRA loving this rn after all those school shootings

  24. Good for him, thankfully he used his right to bear arms. You'd be surprised how many woman pack a handgun in their purse. Teachers should at least carry bear spray

  25. Thank God for the second amendment 🇺🇲

  26. So the shooters motive was "mild adversity" in life.

  27. I pray all good things for the young man that stopped this murderer. I'm sure it's disturbing for the majority of ppl who have to/chose to stop a threat with deadly force, but we are all grateful for your service in that situation. May God bless you with peace and strength moving forward. 🙏

  28. But yet they wanna take our right to bare arms smh..

  29. 🙏🙏 The victims. Thank God for that young man's quick calculated reaction

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  31. Drug Addiction Alcohol Addiction Or Mental Health Issues Gun Violence
    Ready To Shoot And Kill Anyone Who Stands In There Way
    Let The Trial Begin And Let The Jury Decide Guilty Or Not Guilty Verdict

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  33. He did what nearly 400 police officers couldn’t do at the texan elementary school

  34. Been waiting for this! Finally, Americans are wising up and carry and shot back! Wont hear this on CNN or MSNBC.
    What a heroic man!
    And NOW EVERYONE KNOWS HOW TO prepare FOR THIS! Get a firearm, learn to use it, carry it and be ready at all times!

  35. Who cares what the motive was! Why investigate that or him?? What they should be doing is monitoring potential threats now that they can be prevented not after they have happened.

  36. Weird how the no guns allowed sign didn't stop crazy gun man. Thankfully that sign also didn't stop the law abiding citizen from carrying because it carries no force of law.

  37. This hero who shot the gunman should be given the White House Medal of Honor. We need more people like him.

  38. Good for Good Sam..thank you for protecting others!

  39. Suck on those nuts you anti gunners

  40. We need to ban violent video games like Grand Thief Automobile, rap music by Eminem and R. Kelly who is actually in prison right now, songs like Closer by Nine Inch Nails which the music video is highly disturbing as it has a five year old in full makeup lying in a provocative position and a crucified monkey, movies like Fast and the Furious, which a 10th movie is in production, and shows like Breaking Bad and the upcoming sequel to Game of Thrones where Kit Harington announced on June 20, 2022 that he would be reprising as Jon Snow, another Game of Thrones sequel called House of the Dragon releasing in August 21, 2022, American-developed Reddit, and Chinese-developed Tiktok!

  41. Dumb ass never head of " out of sight out of mind"….he was looking for a gun free zone.

  42. Buy a gun. Learn to use it. learn the law. Carry.

  43. he was a hero at that time but i wouldnt be surprised why there are a lot of shooters simply bcoz a 22 yr old can legally carry a gun?

  44. If only Uvalda had someone brave like him, no body armor no shield 2 minutes saved many people , Uvalda had close to 400 police totally sacred.

  45. Hell yes! The man is a God damn hero in this tragedy. This is how you stop a mass shooting. If these people are getting bold then we need to respond in kind. At least enough for these psychos to know we won't be victims anymore. Most are cowards and won't do this bullshit if they know people will fight back.

  46. So glad this heroe did NOT wait for the 400 poor coward cops that responded at the Texas school.