Wednesday , May 12 2021
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  1. US J&J has had blood clotting issues and accidentally ruined 15M vaccines and is as stupid as a cop mistaking a gun for a taser.

    US Vaccine passports will help the world stay safe against US Covid mismanagement. What country would take the risk?

    China has exported vaccines to 69 countries, arranged exports to 43 others including vaccines for Tokyo and Beijing Olympians.

    US has kept all their vaccines for themselves. When was America great?

  2. Covid deaths US 580,756 Mexico 212,228 UK 127,260 Canada 23,591 China 4,636 Australia 910 NZ 26 Taiwan 11.

    The educational gap caused by pandemic mismanagement are Trump's legacy affecting the US for years to come.

    There are 18 variants, 11 from the US, 2 from the UK and India and 1 each from South Africa, Brazil, China and France.

    Anti-maskers, Anti-vaxers, MAGATs and QANON are killing Americans. When was America great?

  3. BLM – their founder defines as ‘Buy Large Mansions’ 💰💰💰

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