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Google employees revolt, demands company not work with ICE

FOX Business’ Jackie DeAngelis discusses how Google employees are demanding that the company not work with ICE and the border patrol.

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  1. All conservatives dhould boycottvgoogle they dbot run this counyry jpin left suffer the concequevtes….50 million conservativescstop using google for advertisrments might hurttheir arrpgant totalitarian managers I say go yo hell idiots

  2. Google employees should have no say YOU ARE HIRED TO DO A JOB A TASK YOU ARE >>> PAYED <<< FOR THAT TASK IF you dislike whats Direction the Company Heading. Give Management ONE"S TWO WEEK NOTICE"S. I here Mcdonald an the Dollar Tree are taken application. How dare one try to VOICE ONE'S Personal Opinion on What Contract's a Billion Dollar Company Take's In. >>YOU ARE A PART THAT CAN BE REPLACED WITH IN GOOGLE >> a Cheaper Part at that, The CEO may consider Rolling, or turning over the Fruit Basket, as well as Cross Train,

  3. Go ahead Google. There are thousands of us between family and friends that will do away with our Google accounts. when your employees care more about politics than serving their customers, I'm done with you.

  4. Google employees should wake the hell up and do their dam homework. I can't believe that such so called smart people can be so dam stupid. Who runs Google the employees or the VP???????? THE STUPIDITY IS INSANE. Ice and BP are doing their jobs ,if u don't like it take it up with Congress..

  5. Employees now runs Google instead?

  6. Every home SUE google for take picture of our house….

  7. Silicon Valley have nailed their colours to the mast. Common sense will prevail. Trump 2020 🙂 UK.

  8. Well Google will have some job openings soon.

  9. F google, i wouldnt trust them, Goverment should maybe run there own "cloud" aka a bunch of servers, there is plenty of americans to do it, goverment files/documents should not be trusted to any 3rd party.

  10. It's okay, the EU is going to tax Google out of their territories. Then they will have to look at where they intend to call home.

  11. I can ignore feeling! When they actually start coming up with some thoughts? Then we can talk.

  12. Wanna make a lot more money Google? Hire some conservatives.

  13. Ya I Switched this week to DUCKDUCKGO for my browser. I Can't support a company who is racist and believes in breaking laws as well as unethical in how it puts some thing above others based on SJW logic. Screw you Google

  14. Well start taxing Google and all companies 65% for housing illegals and start enforcing these punishments on all companies who break the laws by giving jobs to illegals and committed tax fraudby paying these people off the books and then charging a hefty price for their products.
    And the same with any business that leaves this country size they want open up shop in Asia start taxing them 65%


  16. Google is evil
    Google is evil
    Internet and eastern people are evil
    Middle eastern people are evil
    Black are evil
    This world is the world of evil

  17. See how socialists think. They believe that they have a right to tell their employer what to do. You handle them by giving them the boot

  18. Google has a problem with civil liberties, am I missing something here? Project Veritas??

  19. Companies gives people jobs then they revolt cause it does not fit their beliefs and values then the companies should have a right to fire them all. Employees are paid to do a job and not their feelings and politics. Get another job, cause look what happened to Amazon with AOC in NY.

  20. These google employees are known that they are capable of undermining the democratic process! They should be fired as google should be apolitical. These employers should be investigated to see their ties as they are helping criminal organisations

  21. Just fire them plenty of people who aren’t aiding criminals to fill those seats

  22. Oh come on! This is obviously a plan BY Google.

  23. If Google don’t comply the government should intervene and break up these monopoly’s all of them they are holding entire country’s hostage

  24. Google employees need to watch their back

  25. I'm sure Google is shocked and taken completely unawares by the employee uprising. Every American is being heavily influenced by this pointless publicity stunt. HAA!

  26. Maybe Google should be broken up (monopoly laws)

  27. Great! A list of traitors! Str8 to HR and FIRE THEM! Shhhh w8 give them ALL a chance to sign 1st… that way we have a complete list. Then perhaps we send that list to the department of homeland security… is Google an American company or a Chinese company?

  28. They are always, as in 24 7 365, welcome to leave America. Please google employees, if you are reading this, exit now. Btw, no matter how long you throw your temper tantrum, Hillary lost.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  29. 👋Go ahead they don’t need a job . Googles employees are not the ones who use their company . One day these idiots are going to have their pictures published and will be known for their attacks on Americans.

  30. Welcome to the new world order google.

  31. Nothing would make me happier than seeing Foogle crash.
    Well, not # one but right up there.
    Fox is no freind.

  32. Fire the employees for non-supportive actions of our government. There are a lot, ALOT of people who would live a job at Google.

  33. Obstructing the law is a federal offense; arrest them!

  34. Obstructing the law is a federal offense; arrest them!

  35. Then I demand that police not respond when someone from google calls. Your on your own.

  36. Google is about to trigger my oath. I swore to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign or domestic. Rigging elections is an attack on our Constitutional form of government.

  37. So if these ppl were fired and let's say..Trump supporters were hired..would the then fired workers sue bc…this is America

  38. Google is quick to help suppress china's people with their tech!

  39. Google has problems because the CEO from India. If Google hire an American citizen for CEO google will be ok

  40. The entire Alphabet Corporation should be investigated for anti-American activity.

  41. Google should be reclassified as a content provider and pay the price for meddling in elections and government affairs. It’s clear the management backs up these employees so management should pay the price and have certain exemptions taken away they have clearly become a content provider by Censoring content that doesn’t agree with they’re political views. They are no longer just a search engine they are pushing the Democratic party’s views on every level and writing those views into the algorithms for searches.

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