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Google is biased by design says Director of 'The Creepy Line'

‘The Creepy Line’ Director Matthew Taylor on concerns of bias at Google and its potential impact on the 2020 election.

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  1. I miss when search engines brought up organic results, where the top results are the most viewed pages.

  2. The regime is incapable of dealing with the big tech companies and most Americans will never even hear this story, let alone understand it. Only Google wants make believe they don't have political agendas on far left. This film makes it very clear what they're up to.

  3. Google is an active manipulator in fraudulently pushing socialism into the 2020 election. Stealing and erasing votes.

  4. I'm not using Google any more duck duck go for me

  5. Easy to prove.
    The time that the reminder was sent out, and within a certain time frame, you can track the voter to a voting station.
    They use google tracking,plenty of evidence.

  6. Sure. I only get pro-Democrat push notifications from these big tech companies. I’ve experienced this, and I believe most consumers have as well.

  7. I can never get recent Greg Gutfeld shows and sometimes no shows just a few 5 min. clips.

  8. Congress needs to pass a law equating biased search results to campaign finance and restrict it from happening.

  9. This is a fact why debate it?

    Google is evil.

  10. This tells me something very special. There are people who do not believe that Donald Trump is the legitimately elected President of the United States. Yet even though Google and other elements may have cheated in favor of his opponent, he still won!

  11. What happened to project Veritas ??

  12. Big tech is Big Brother — BREAK THEM UP.

  13. Join pocketnet created by free speech supporters.

  14. Google programmers to blame !
    Thus is unconstrained and perverse interferance!

  15. All you have to do is search for something news related and you will get all the low ratings fake news channels first even though Fox News has double the ratings of all the fake news sources combined. That’s all the proof I need that they tamper with elections. If I have to manually type Fox News after my search to get to real news google is broken. Again fox has twice the ratings of cnn msnbc and others combined. It should be first in search results. That is how they should rank it. By tv ratings.

  16. thats worse than any russian cullusion …

  17. 🔴 We could not video I made on my YouTube channel so I had give the URL, I am not shocked at all, YouTube killed my old channel and when they hit my current channel with a shadow ban my views almost instantly fell from 5,300 views a hour to more like 20 views a hour!

  18. I wonder how many Patriots work for yewgle.

  19. Oh!,DState,Evil.Elites,Illumadonkey!!!……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…including..epstein!!!

  20. Google is a c.i.a pawn a front if you will same as facebook. Two monopolys that need removed. Shut down both remove both companys. Find the criminals and gitmo them

  21. Just a thought for anybody who thinks this is a conspiracy. Google , Facebook , and other platforms that sell ads have an algorithm to decide who to send what ad to. So let’s you paid them to advertise for your meat company they will show your ad for people who seem to be meat lovers and they won’t play it for seemingly vegan people and they have algorithms to discern who’s who. So it really wouldn’t take much effort for them wether they’re paid for it or not to send a “get out the vote” to only left leaning people. As to wether or not that’s illegal or should be is a conversion we should have but it goes much further than that. With these same algorithms if you are a conservative leaning person they can bombard you with ads from leftist organizations or if independent or show the lefts side of the story to get you to vote liberal. But in a sense this isn’t any different than a newspaper or radio show just on a much larger scale. The one difference between them is you can choose not to buy that newspaper or listen to a show but when it comes to social media is Facebook owns basically everything and buys any new credible competitor which should be illegal. Google is the largest search engine and their ads appear on a large amount of websites. The only person who should be censoring a search is the one doing the search and that should be a law!

  22. Dear leftists. Your intolerance, fake moral outrage/righteous indignation, name calling, character assassinations, free speech censorship (especially by Google, Facebook, and Twitter), and bullying are NOT indications of your self-proclaimed moral superiority. You obviously believe that your ideology is “the truth” and that you alone have the only true grip on political reality. Yet you ignore, deny, and/or misrepresent any facts or evidence that would debunk your dogmatic, self-righteous world-view. Look in the mirror and in your heart of hearts and honestly ask yourself why ANY conservative would ever want to switch to the Democrat party, a political party whose members far too often brand anyone who disagrees with their message/narrative as a racist, homophobe, xenophobe, bigot, white supremacist, Islamophobia, or a misogynist.

  23. Combine this with illegals voting and there is a MASSIVE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Recent studies have shown that one in three Trump followers are just as delusional as the other two

  25. google has to go china and stay there

  26. Google = pedophiles owned as property… UN Agenda 2030

  27. Google is liberal along with other companys

  28. Google manipulation of votes is yet another reason why they must be dismantled, and their domain nationalized.

  29. Google is promoting domestic terrorism

  30. Duh, look up the term "Republican flag"

  31. Why does this remind me of some of the Climate Models?

  32. I completely cut off Facebook from my diet of social media. And I support breaking up Google sooner than later. Tampering with viewership and steering content for a political out come is Orwellian and some thing I do not support. Break them up and do your job Congress!!!

  33. When will Congress take action against Google's bias?

  34. Trump TWEETS A lie….without PROOF…………and all you FOX/PANZEES take it as truth?

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