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Google reportedly collecting Americans' health data

Fox News senior judicial analyst discusses a report suggesting Google is collecting health data on millions of Americans.

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  1. This is not good. I am a nurse for 2 state hospitals and we use gmail. A state hospital is what a "insane asylum" is now referred to. It has a bad connotation to it so that name is no longer used. But that information should NOT be out there for the general public to get a hold of.

  2. Google owns a DWave Computer. Watch Anthony Page on DWave computers are.

  3. Especially our healthcare. Google needs to come down. India trying to take over the technology industry. Google is India. Screw Google! Having a bunch of Hindu and Muslims controlling my healthcare.

  4. The U.K. is reportedly building a health care system based on "social credit," and this is what Google is doing here. Trump needs to break these bastards up.

  5. What google is collecting is dirt on politicians, and not just in America.

  6. I do not consent to any of my personal information being released to anyone

  7. Someone mentioned Apple I saw a commercial on TV the other night that made me laugh. Apple was trying to sell their products and bragging about how they protect your privacy yeah right remember around 2012 when all their phones are tracking people and they denied it until I got busted on it

  8. So wait until you have some kind of health condition and then all the sudden you can't get health insurance nobody everybody mysteriously won't give it to you but won't tell you why that's the kind of crap you'll see

  9. JESUS IS COMING 💯✅💯🎉🎉🎉😁👍🏻

  10. Duh hello there collecting all the data any data they can get. And then selling it to whoever.

  11. Question. Were do I sign up to sue Google? Violating all kinds of privacy laws. Hey Google butts my sh_t is still bown if you want to know that health question.

  12. Google built its HQ ontop of an EPA superfund site. Its employees are being exposed to a carcinogen that directly causes cancer. I wonder if their employees know about this.

  13. Now were talking about it? While were at it why not look into the parent company who owns twitter and youtube aswell. Who is alphabet?

  14. The people perish for lack of knowledge.

    And Google, with all the knowledge, shall rule them.

  15. They are just waiting like how long will it take for anyone to notice. Naughty naughty

  16. Who the hell is advising the judge just to dye half of his hair, top brown, bottom grey. I thought he was bright?

  17. It's a good thing I LIE on every survey, webpage, & net posting AND+ I LOAN random 8 yr olds my phone just to screw w/the data they collect.

  18. Time for us to get paid boysss

  19. OMG, gOoGLe iS sPyiNg oN uS! GoVeRnMenT iS rePtiLeS. NSA! BUsH diD 9/11!

  20. I love how i had to see an ad for the google pixel 4 before watching the video.

  21. Google knows everything, where we live, all our activity on internet, our personal records. There’s no way to stop it now, we had people warn us but we brushed it off, they control us and there’s no go back.

  22. Waiting for my payment 🤑

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