Tuesday , April 20 2021
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GOP Attorney Admits To Supreme Court Restricting Voter Laws Helps Republicans | NBC News NOW

The supreme court is deciding on a case that tests the power of the Voting Rights Act, and yesterday an attorney for Arizona’s Republican party admitted on record that one voting restriction would help the GOP, NBC News’ Jane Timm reports.
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GOP Attorney Admits To Supreme Court Restricting Voter Laws Helps Republicans | NBC News NOW


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  1. It's not ironic It is by design The same people who don't want stricter gun laws want stricter voting laws. I don't own a gun but maybe I need to get an assault weapon to protect my voting rights.

  2. Gerrymandering voters suppressions the GOP is more dangerous now because he is now in minority

  3. This disgustingly unfair and unconstitutional bill just proves again with the loads of other evidence Americans have seen with their own eyes that DEMOCRATS CHEAT IN ELECTIONS!! The Democrats and the failing institutions that they bully in submission to cover up for their lies and crimes MUST be confronted EVERYDAY on their unlawful, unconstitutional behavior and removed from congress!!! The Democrats are out to make every American a worthless criminal or victim. They care nothing about our own country, facts or justice. They are behaving like a communist party and it has to stop NOW!! States must leave the union if the Republican party can not confront our failing institutions and corrupt government officials. Let the Democrats rot alone.

  4. They're trying to stop us from voting cuz they know they're going to lose and we will fight we will fight

  5. Republicans have to Lie, Cheat and Steal to get elected. Here's how: https://youtu.be/wwCu1h4UqH4

  6. so the real tell here is we have to stop the vote or we lose.

  7. Where is your reporting about the sexual predator como… get the voting back to normal

  8. “One voting restriction would specifically help the GOP” should have been the title of this clickbait, nonsensical video.

  9. Absentee ballots for registered voters who request them in advance. Voter ID. Maybe a 10 day vote early. Hand count votes by both sides. How hard is that?

  10. What a joke! The Republican Party has gone too low.

  11. “Voting restrictions” = showing your ID and being registered to vote. Yes. Secure elections help Republicans. What does that say about Democrats?

  12. I expect nothing less from NBC.

    The National Brainwashing Network

  13. Apparently requiring an I D to vote , like in all Democratic countries except the high and mighty USA , is a ploy to restrict voting.
    Absolutely third world and ridiculous.

  14. So basically that GOP lawyer went to supreme court asking court to rig the election laws in their favor.

  15. God’s help all people ✝️☝🏼😇god’s working on schedule as his plans… one by one…☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼✝️✝️✝️🙏🏼✝️✝️😇god’s see & it’s just a matter of times….🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼god justices!

  16. Democrats need help voting 🤔. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. Bull****, you need ID to get a covid vaccine, but not to vote, yea right.

  18. The GOP is the reincarnated NSP… Disgraceful. Fight back American voters!!!

  19. Republicans are the ones stealing elections.Stop the republicans and the steal is gone

  20. To the people Republicans are at it again we're trying to cheat you out of your voting rights let your voices be heard and stand up to cowards that they are the cat fight right so the stab you in the back when you ain't looking

  21. This is an illegitimate news source, guilty of spreading socialist propaganda. Traitors and communist's.

  22. The Republicans can not get away with this they are disgusting and have no bottom too low.

  23. Gee imagine requiring ID. What a crazy idea.

  24. Wait wait wait.
    Didn't time magazine just write an article on how there was a "kabal" that wouldn't allow Trump to be president by changing laws and rules to fortify to the election?
    Gee…me thinks this is some bs

  25. Quit letting the media lie to you…

  26. NPC News. Deceptive reporting.

  27. More they try and suppress the vote , more they motivate people to vote. People want democracy. Sadly, Republicans don't.

  28. Because then non citizens can vote.

  29. States should be required to provide specific details of voter fraud in their state before they can change any voting laws.

  30. This is shameful very and it should be rejected

  31. Michael Carvin’s request to Supreme Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett to suppress Democratic votes exposes his total moral bankruptcy and his true trumping identity. And he is a lawyer??

  32. Nobody said what these restrictions actually are.

  33. Next election we are going to have 1 Billion voters on both side because now there is no account for real people 😂😂😂 what a joke!!!

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