GOP candidates can’t do what Trump has done: Pam Bondi

Former Florida AG Pam Bondi and former White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley analyze top Republican 2024 contenders on ‘Kudlow.’

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  2. Trump is the man! Trump 2024!!!! Yes sir!!

  3. President Trump is not a politician, he is a business man that knows how to get things done, he's not beholding to any special group except the American people

  4. Desantis is too obsessed with claiming he's the more acceptable Trump. And its a mistake.

  5. Trump can’t beat Biden but DeSantis can

  6. Fox news is Great my friend's.

  7. War is a great sadness.!

    The war in Ukraine was provoked by the U S A and the U K .

  8. The man is getting my vote.

  9. To be good governor for one state doesn't mean that you will be good President for USA.

  10. Of course DeSantis has an economic vision. A balanced budget, just like in FL, for starters. And the difference between Trump and DeSantis is that DeSantis actually DOES what he promises! Trump ran up the national debt by 6.5 billion in 1 year!

  11. He's probably getting a kick out kick filling his pocket full of money do you get it now

  12. Every one else will take payoffs and bribes Trump didn't even take his paycheck so they they can all be bought I wouldn't think Trump could be bought

  13. America is being control by the rich people

  14. Poisoning our food destroying our farmers

  15. Leaving Americans behind military equipment left behind children dieing at the border it would be great just to have a secured children would be spared

  16. Trump is ahead because people trust him. He does what he says, America first.

  17. They all take my credit no one can do wjat i can i can forgive or make it worse GODSTAR

  18. Can't agree more. Larry Kudlow is one of the few threads that let people hanging with Fox.

  19. As the loser in the last election, a past POTUS is always the "leading" candidate until the next round of primaries. Nothing new here, Trump is just keeping the seat warm.
    DeSantis is now the REAL candidate for nomination at the GOP convention, he's just getting started with campaigning. DeSantis can beat Biden, Trump can't.

  20. TRUMP BABY!!!!

  21. Larry is beginning to sound the FOX News never Trumper alarm!!!

  22. Uh, wake up already peons, the economy belongs (and is) in the hands of your masters.

  23. Democrats are communists pigs

  24. 4 years totally wasted with this administration . We could have been so much further ahead with Trump at the helm !
    Those who hate Trump would only have another 1 1/2 years left of him with money in their pockets ! Lol

  25. I’ll take Larry Kudlows policies over Janet Yellens any day!

  26. No respect for Trump Fauci. Trump was played like a fool or worse.

  27. We as a country need Trump to come in and fix the country. I truly believe DeSantis should be VP and at the end of Trumps 4yrs, DeSantis run in 2028 and 2032. That's 12yrs of amazing Leadership…..

  28. Trumps is a fighter no matter how many fake news and fake investigations they come up with he keeps moving forward thats what I want for a president someone who is tuff and will fight for this country not someone who is weak like biden

  29. only Trump can do it, im speaking about all candidates for both parties

  30. If Trump wins RIGHT nomination SEEING 5% of 30 states switching to the RIGHT.

    North America look around at the CHAOS in our Society…VOTE wisely.

  31. Someone just blamed Trump for spending too much money. If Biden Admin wasn’t such a mess, we wouldn’t be looking at having to redo everything. I mean, the man gave away all of our military equipment after it had been rebuilt. That alone is heartbreaking.

  32. I don't want the police to be rolling around in tanks. Pulling over reckless drivers will be fine for me.

  33. Joe Biden's campaign was build back better and he just turned the country into a big pile of crap

  34. We had over 2 years to impeach

  35. Biden the worst president in history

  36. She is right, the rest of candidate are pretenders, Desantis needs to chill and wait for his turn. He own trump a favor. Be Vice Pres than run for 8 yrs

  37. Larry, fox bought you. F desantis

  38. Pam Bondi for Attorney General of the United States!

  39. Even with the current economy situation, I'm so excited I've built my portfolio to $150,560 from my weekly trade. I'm having my fourth withdrawal in 9 business days

  40. Man! I love Pam Bondi more than ever now! She is awesome. The gentleman is awesome too

  41. This video should play on repeat all the lame places they force you to watch CNN for the next year.

  42. Well other GOP candidates COULD do what Trump has done, Democratic candidates as well, but they would probably go to jail more quickly.

  43. It all seems so moot. Democrats and Republicans will never be unified again. I personally don’t think I’ll ever be able to trust someone who calls themselves a democrat ever again. They have done so many unforgivable things. If it was policy issues, I could forgive. But, the weaponized legalism, the censorship, the insane border policy, and all the double standards that make life in this country unfair. I just do not see how anyone that’s a good person could go along with that. From top to bottom, democrats have proven themselves untrustworthy and mean spirited

  44. Doesn't matter biden will be installed again, we are compromised the government already has too much power over the people, we will probably never see another good president again.

  45. President Trump has proven what he can do and he did it. He kept every promise and he will do it again. We the People can trust him. Everyone needs to pray for him and his family. Jesus please protect him and his family keep them safe and give him the strength and courage to fight these pure evil demoRats and rinos. In Jesus name I pray…Amen….