GOP candidates slam Trump as presidential field grows

GOP presidential hopefuls have been criticizing Donald Trump as the candidate field continues to grow. “No one should be praising the dictator in North Korea,” said former Vice President Pence. “We need to dispense with the culture of losing,” said Gov. Ron DeSantis.

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  1. These are the same clowns that said Trump was doing a great job just few years ago lol

  2. But they will all vote for it if it gets the nomination.

  3. Hmmm…such an interesting array of pathetic morons! How much lower can the Republican party sink? ***VOTE BLUE*** 💙as if your life depends upon it, because it DOES! Look at the selection of which to choose in the Republican party – and lest we forget: !

  4. They diss 45 now because they want to win.

  5. Not one potato worth picking…..

  6. In what universe is Pence a moderate?

  7. Trump is not worried about the bashing, he has put up with it for the last 7 yrs, its like water on a ducks back to him. Trump 2024.

  8. Wow some of these videos that are posted on the NBC news page are just sooolo extremely boring…

  9. This is Egotistical B.S.
    They better get their s"*" together and figure out who can actually win and back them right from the start.

  10. It is a historic moment,as Pence announces his run for president. It is the first time a mannequin will join the race.

  11. Makes me chuckle… probably all of them broke bread 🍞 with Trump at one point or another…

  12. No republican will get my vote.

  13. Bunch of wimps who didn't stand up to him right away. Wind-blown candidates, licking their fingers and holding them up to see what they should do, instead of actually having their own principles. And this includes Christy, who knew he was a bad guy when he worked for him. Bunch of opportunistic boneless wimps.

  14. Trump was in his 60's and looked obese when I met him. I worked as a model in New York. Through my agency he would invite models to his restaurant in Trump Tower (the food was crap.) Ironically, he would show up at McD's the same night. He would slowly order an obscene amount of food: 2 Big Macs, fries, shake and 2 Filet-O-Fish, regularly. I thought he was an i/dd adult, like British royalty: wealthy but Intellectually Disabled. I would ask him if it was all for him.

    He replied: " You bet, Honey. You're too pretty to work here. How old are you, Honey?"

    He was confused and high on something.

    He's a creep. I was 15.

    He was in his 60's and looked 8 months pregnant.

  15. I’ve heard Trump say this before. Not surprised. Fail.

  16. All I see when I look at Pence is a big toe.
    A big, lying, fake pathetic big toe.
    All he did in all 4 years he served was lie, in order to cover up for all of Trump's lies.

  17. tRUMP Is nothing buttA FASCIST! 👉GOTTA VOTE Biden like 'em er not IF YOU D🚫N'T Wanna 🇺🇸Country like PUTIN'S❗️ Simple…

  18. These four or possibly Biden, when will that A.I. ruler be available by

  19. Feel sorry for those donors. They gonna lose a lot of money!🤣