GOP congressman: Pence classified documents should lead to special counsel

Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.) reacts to the news that former Vice President Mike Pence possessed classified documents in his Indiana home.

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  1. TRUMP, BIDEN, PENCE & SANTOS 2023 ???

    Most of the time as a politician stands up

    Along with the truth, their brain sits down.

    Promising anything and everything to anyone

    While posing to the public, to be on common ground.

    The higher the office the greater the corruption

    As candidates compete for those dead presidents of green.

    While we're taxed to death to fund their pork

    Our cost for everything has become obscene.

    Thank God there are some better than most

    Not squeaky clean, but more honest than others.

    Regardless of party, they deserve our vote

    For they share our thoughts like sisters and brothers.

    Goodness and evil illustrate life

    Like the two sides of every coin.

    Most can’t help but experience both

    As we learn who to trust, follow and join.

    Honor those with morals and ethics

    Who live by Heavenly command.

    Without their bravery and God’s grace

    We become the distortion of man.

    Some have asked why must we study history

    It just encourages us to live in the past.

    When we forget history we repeat its mistakes

    As the outcome of humanity is cast.

    Politicians who wish to be revered by history

    Must earn their fame by living the truth.

    Any who continue to mislead and deceive

    Must be shunned by the voter at the booth.

    By Tom Zart

    Most Published Poet On The Web!

  2. Now they are going to try to use pence to blame Trump , wow what a surprise its time to try anything to cover for biden . we all know nothing will be done to biden .


  4. ‘Classified’ is starting to be about as irrelevant as claiming racism. Nobody even knows what it means or covers.

  5. Now search Obama's house!

  6. Worst. Administration. In. History. 👏

    Wtf is wrong with these people?

  7. Jesus just read them than burn them. Bic makes cheap lighters

  8. The news that another piece of government is broken is not surprising. We should also expect to find more classified documents in the possession of presidents Bush, Clinton, and Obama… maybe not Obama.

    The system is broken, and blaming its various executives might be popular, but it misses the point.

  9. Ok! Kamala Harris. You are in the bullseye now. Ditch those docs. Turn them in.

  10. I was making a cup of tea this morning, and you wouldn't believe it, I found some US gov marked SCI/humint documents lining the cupboard.

  11. Good for him for saying this.

  12. Not as negligent as Criminal Biden but not good either.

  13. Pence as the hapless leader of the Covid virus task force (appointed by bumbling trump) assured the nation with great fanfare that the virus would disappear by Memorial Day two years ago! This guy has no credibility – NONE!

  14. A reasonable Republican indeed.

  15. I'm no Pence fan, but I'm getting a little tired of both parties constantly calling for special counsels as a means of inflicting retribution on their political opponents.. The politicians in Washington spend more time investigating one another than passing legislation.

  16. First Trump. Then Biden. Now Pence.

    Add the failing proxy war in Ukraine & a large number of countries with all of OPEC plus joining BRICS …

    America is in serious trouble.

  17. Need to raid Pelosi house as well and VP Harris

  18. This came after Biden classified documents found. Peoples are not stupid! Divert the attention from Biden to Pence

  19. This guy made complete sense….then the cat comes out of the bag about not running…

  20. The realization that every politician is breaking the law ….

  21. Senator,.. has No reason to have any material away from Secure Location. Period.

  22. They need to explain on the news how the National Archives operates. Lots of comments on "checking out" & "checking in" materials, like a library, but no one seems to know or ask how the materials get there to begin with & wonder why the Archives wouldn't know they're missing. How can they know they're missing if they don't get them in the first place, like in Trump's case? What I understand is that the Archives relies on the administration in power to keep personal & government documents separate while in office & that there is a process for doing that. It then relies on the integrity of an outgoing administrations to transfer the government documents to the Archives. Once the Archives has possession, then there's a procedure for checking documents/materials out & in within a specified time. If something isn't returned on time, there's a procedure for notifying the Archives manager, who then follows a procedure for recovery, but the Archives itself has no law enforcement authority. It's incumbent on those who have the materials/documents to obey the law, to return the documents/ materials. Also, what needs to be considered is that there are many, many federal government agencies, officials & individuals, including the military, authorized to handle/classify & declassify government documents/materials, not just presidents & vice presidents.

  23. Meme time. Dr. Soros on the phone: "They keep finding Brandon's Homework." Evil assistant yelling: "MAKE RINO PENCE FALL ON HIS SWORD!!!"

  24. Jimmy Carter better hide. LMAO Apparently it's common place.