Tuesday , January 18 2022
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GOP fundraiser attracts big money donors despite backlash from the left

Former Ted Cruz campaign pollster Chris Wilson and Democratic Strategist Brad Gerstman on the calls to boycott Equinox and SoulCycle over owner Stephen Ross’ upcoming fundraiser for President Trump.

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  1. the American election all about donation free money..

  2. That Democrat is going down big time and he better thank me

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  4. LMAO! As soon as I saw that icecream get political, I stopped liking it. It should have stuck to making icecream flavors.

  5. The left has only slavery to offer. People that don't see that, will effect me, their own families, my family, and freedom as they know it. See the propaganda please? Propaganda is a weapon. The defense from propaganda is common sense, and reality, not "group think".

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  7. no sane person wants a commie takeover of the USA

  8. Normally to balance out the trade deficit Nation should export more items to that nation or import less. But instead of exporting more or importing less, US decided to charge more in taxes to balance out the trade. This is not right. This is robbery. This is robbery in front of everyone's face. US need to learn to make better products and make products cheaper and export like everyone else instead of taking more than others. This is robbery. I don't like China but they are being attacked for exporting more by working harder. That is not right. We can't let our children look at this as reasonable ways of doing business with others. But they are simply just taking more from everyone else saying this is not fair. What's not fair is that US is not making hard efforts like other nations to make good products. US are not exporting enough enough good products for other nations to enjoy US products. It they can't compete with other nations products, then they need to take the loss just like everyone else. If US want to enjoy products from other nations hard work, just have to pay like everyone else. But instead of talking loss fairly, they are taking more by force force through tariffs. That is theft something robbers do. They are running around with military disrupting other nations economy like thugs. World need to get point across to US's unfair ways of economic and diplomatic relations to the world. US is now a disgrace to all the people who made sacrifice to bring democracy freedom to the world. As world stays with US side right now, then they are making all the sacrifices made for the world worthless. Someone must make all the previous generations sacrifices worth its sacrifice. US must be stopped from this unfair deal with the world. US must compete like everyone else and pay same price as everyone else.

  9. Healthy discussion here. Disagreements and counterpoints and everything but… civil

  10. Have you seen the Liberals? They could use a Gym! But lord knows if they will ever go!?

  11. He raised $12 million!!!!

    If the Dems leave any Republican establishment…it will not be many but will be peaceful!

  12. I do not care who knows that I will be voting for Trump again because I don't want my children and grand children to suffer a socialist hell hole. I had been a democrat my whole life untill I had to choose between hillary and Trump and now I can see that he is not just the best choice between the two but he is the best President in my lifetime if not the best ever. I owe Trump a huge apology for things I said about him and hillary being our only choices and by all means she should have been running from a firing squad and not running for President. God Bless you President Trump 2020-2024.

  13. Where is the Tucker Carlson's show on 8/6? I can't seem to find it.. I WANT SOMEONE FROM FOX NEWS TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION.

  14. No, no, no, no, guys. We Americans should not have to face retribution because of political leanings and,or support of one party or another. Don't threaten our safety or validate violence against us. Left or right.

  15. Its pretty obvious that trump has favor he's exposing people that are less then honorable individuals that need dark energy to survive people who's heart are consumed with hate Or shall I say HEATHENS

  16. with all due respect they went after Trump and America. We are not scared of you, it is you whom are scared.

  17. Yea tell the Orange clown to pay what he owes to el paso since he is making so much money in donations

  18. Correction: "…..because of backlash from the left."
    Thank you for continuing to be idiots who just can't keep your mouths shut, lefties!

  19. Yes the Dems go way to far and they don’t get reprimanded at all. No way in Hell he put others in danger


  21. If gun owners stand united against traitors like Trump , republicons will never hold high office again. Let the rich give the republicons all their money — it will be like flushing money down the drain 😎 Republicons are aligning in support for Redflagging and Repressive Background Checks. No one wants the SPLC or the ADL deciding who may have a gun , and may not have a gun. What happened to innocent till proven guilty ??? Gun owners must not support these traitors any longer . Gun owners stand like men and women of GOD !!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. I gave $800 to Ted Cruz during last election cycle. My wife and I are planning to give Trump $2,500 for 2020. We're on Social Security and yet we feel that strongly about Trump WINNING in 2020!! Also, we just sent Judicial Watch $1,000 so they can expose the DNC / Clinton / DOJ / FBI attempted coup against the president. Heads are going to roll, A lot of Democrats are going to jail.

  23. Dear girls who have dreams! Do not have abortions! You may end traveling to China to adapt girls parents left on the side of the road.i do not have anything against Chinese girls, they are usually great, intelligent, hardworking and pretty, too. However, you may not wish to miss great experience to be a biological mother, to recognize in your child your own bad treats like biting nails, saying no to everything parents approved etc.

  24. Yep, just stopped (permanently) all spending at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. They don't support POTUS so eff em!

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