GOP is 7 wins away from flipping House, Senate down to 3 key races | ABCNL

ABC News Deputy Political Director Averi Harper discusses the races in Arizona, Georgia and Nevada, as well as former President Donald Trump’s statement on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. WATCH the live stream of ABC News here: SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch more at http://abcnews.go. com/ LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: #ABCNLUpdate #midterms #democrats #republicans #abcnews

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. no more Nasty Nancy!! get that hag outta there

  2. May God help us. Really they need people who are not bought and sold.

  3. Hope counties in CA are not still using Dominion software like AZ. Does anyone want a recount for the Lake/ Hobbs election ? I do.

  4. Good by already don’t come back

  5. I think election deniers had to back off out of necessity. Calling the integrity of the election process into question puts your own election wins necessarily into question… they would need the legitimacy of the vote in general ultimately to hold what power they did have. You can't show up to the pool party and start throwing Oh Henry bars in all over the place. Everyone's forced to jump out of the pool and no one wants to get back in until it's drained and scrubbed clean. In the end, the Oh Henry bar thrower's are the only one's left playing and splashing about knowing the poop is not real. That they didn't get out with everyone else looks suspicious.

  6. But are they going to get that 7 seats

  7. Republicans should. Democrats are destroying the earth 😵‍💫🤡💩⚒

  8. yap a few ticks to switch with late voting at 3 am and boom no one learned a dam thing

  9. Democrats just won the Senate. Hold your breath, the red wave is now a mud puddle.

  10. Hummm. The last to count vote tally are democrat districts? Which they say are mostly democrat mail in votes. If Republicans do this it will take 6 months for election outcomes. Lol! The longer it’s stays out the bluer the House vote will go. Everyone knows it. We already watched Nevada take over a week to count a remaining 50000 votes.

  11. All this is sad! Our world is sad and will still stay divided sadly! Also, we do not need almost 80 year old president. There should be a cut off age when to become president.

  12. Choder aomoy nai fan gan some fan choda Debe hogamara game chodte de bastad

  13. This country is such a joke. The government is either illegitimate or the people are too stupid to know what’s good for them but either way we’re screwed. Trump was our last hope

  14. John 3 verse 16 through 17 gal 3 verse13 genesis 9 verse 25 through 27

  15. Don't need the House; with the Presidency and Senate in Democratic hands the country is protected from the Trumpers for the next 2 years; Thank God.

  16. The lake of fire for liberty prospects with lucifer satan devil

  17. Wont happen,Democrats are ballot harvesting to cheat again

  18. So the deeply divided Republiclowns become the Majority in the House, and it will be a miracle if 70% can agree on anything, and then there's Biden's Veto power. Why the excitement!!!

  19. Lets go red ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  20. If we lose communism we lose democracy 🐰☕️🚬🚬

  21. Wouldn’t it be great if good old Kevin doesn’t become speaker? Maybe he can go work for chumps reelection campaign as he certainly won’t be his VP pick….

  22. This loyalist mentality will be the death of the USA. Your red, your blue, your supposed work together to learn from each other point of views and meet in the middle. Instead you hate each other and the hate just gets more extreme as time goes by. This divide will damn you all
    Blind are you to the rats you crown

  23. This black man looks like a aliens 👽

  24. This just in, Arizona should have their results in by groundhog day.

    Why Lindsey Graham, Kevin McCarthy, Ted Cruz, Majorie Taylor Greene and so many other Republican cowards in Congress are still doing Trump’s bidding.

  26. If Americans only kew truth. All the world is a stage.