GOP lawmaker on Hunter Biden investigation: We are going to let the evidence speak for itself

Florida Republican Rep. Byron Donalds provides insight on how President Biden allegedly benefited from Hunter’s business dealings on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #kudlow

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  1. Whaaaaat politicians influenced by personal businesses lol. Isnt that just lobbying? Everyone is doing it


  3. Biden/Biden 2024 “Amerika is dumb enough”🎉

  4. Get Evil out of the White House!!

  5. Why the Hell is Joe still President???

  6. Nothing will transpire here, don't kid yourselves. Political theatre

  7. A pardon should shut it all down. Pardon Hunter now! That's what tRump would do.

  8. Well we don't expect the GOP to do much other than talk talk talk about anything.

  9. they aren't going to do anything ,just watch

  10. Nobody will be held accountable. Investigations by Washington are a scam on the People.

  11. 148 SAR still blocked. Boom

  12. Release all the laptop info to the public, let’s move forward and actually prosecute this criminal and his criminal crew

  13. Did Joe Biden love solar panel 35 years ago?

  14. Believe Hunter Biden not going to be charge along with Joe Biden,James Biden.

  15. Actual evidence of corruption, and the media ignores it

  16. Nothing will happen. It's just a show. Wake up America

  17. You can tell when Joe is lying——– His lips are moving.

  18. Letting evidence speak for itself is never a good idea when you're operating in an adversarial system. But ESPECIALLY when your adversary controls more than 90% of the information distribution systems.

  19. Twitter should be sued for what they did. It's ridiculous!

  20. Show us your PROOF, FoxNews!! In ALL these years not ONE of you have provided ANY evidence to back-up ANY of your outlandish conspiracy hoaxes. But hey, I guess you found your niche market of the dull and the ignorant that P. T. Barnum also found to exploit.

  21. Enuff with the fluff – Biden is as corrupt as a Teamsters Union boss.

  22. What family thinks its okay for the young son to sleep with the widow of the older brother? Oh, the Bidens!!!

  23. Did anyone say how hard is Trump&Fox trying to hide Trump's tax returns🤫

  24. 10$million for gain of

  25. More voters care about their own issue's. Hunter and Musk have no problem putting food on the table!! More gossip? No news that affects the American people!! NO ONE CARES ABOUT HUNTER!!!

  26. When will joe be in prison?

  27. I just heard Senator Ted Cruz say in another interview that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is going to happen with ANY of these investigations because the Republicans failed to win the Senate, so, how about Fox just stops wasting all of our time with exposing all of these corrupt scandals where NOONE will ever be held accountable?! Let's just be honest here, AMERICA HAD FALLEN and it will continue to do so indefinitely. The ONLY other option is for the cowardly patriots to rise up and attempt to overthrow our government , however, I think it's pretty obvious at this point that the cowardly patriots will do NOTHING, no matter how bad this country gets, and even if they did rise up thru would quickly find out what kind of secret weapons our government has created using our tax dollars, that they wouldnt hesitate for second to use against the American People.

  28. In other words, the GOP is going to sit back and be complicit again. Wow!!! What's new?!?!?!?!?

  29. O lord, please bring the "Biden Crime Syndicate" down…

  30. The IRS will come after anyone receiving 600 or over by VENMO, PAYPAL a year.? And Hunter and Biden WILL GET AWAY WITH NOT FACING RESPONSIBILITIES ON RECEIVING MONEY FROM CHINA , RUSSIA??? THATS BS!!

  31. This is hilarious! The same lunatics that had nothing to say about all the money Trump and his kids were making now are running around screaming "corruption" against Biden. All politicians (Republicans and Democrats) are two-faced liars, backstabbing, corrupt, insider trading scoundrels. Now Republikkkans are concerned about the American people knowing the truth abouth influence paddling they all do?

  32. Joe Biden is a crooked liar and should never have become president…worst president ever!

  33. I want to hear the demoncrat/Twitter "enemies list."

  34. You talking about a CCP members , the Bidens belong to. They are not Americans but are terrorist, & traitors to America.

  35. Sure that every Republican that is there for the American people. Make sure there's no wolves sheep clothing!!!

  36. And by the way please pray for Kevin McCarthy to get those votes for speaker of the House. Call our Representatives so they can get those votes for him.

  37. Problem with Republicans is they always show their hand. Whereas the Democrats just do it.

  38. Make sure before you start in January third and make sure you do start doing all that work we the American people we need Justice!!!🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  39. Put the dope head in jail strip him of all the money he got from his Buddy's in other countrys

  40. How did such scum make it to the WH. I mean I understand some shenanigans, but this Hunter dude and his father Joe Biden SOLD OUT AMERICA to the Chinese purely for his own profit. And it started long before Joe became POTUS.