GOP lawmaker reveals bombshell evidence in Biden allegations

Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., breaks down President Biden’s impeachment inquiry on ‘Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street.’

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House Republicans gear up to launch formal impeachment inquiry into Biden

House Republicans are gearing up to launch a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. …


  1. Dear Fox News: if everything is a “bombshell” then nothing is a bombshell…

  2. Dragging it out
    Obiden will get away with it
    Left is pounding their agenda down our throats
    Via auto Industry

  3. The guy forgot to mention ring four that is do not forget to impeach Joe Biden for the biggest bribery scandal in American history which by the way is the most important of all the rings

  4. And grand finish..
    Charge all traitors for treason.
    Find guilty.
    Exicute at Leavenworth
    Now justice is done.
    AATW sua sponte

  5. Biden is so pure corruption and communism

  6. Secure our borders number one thing must be done

  7. We need Biden out of there! He’s an idiot and embarrassment to our country!

  8. Have these corrupt government employees define what influence Peddling is.

  9. If muslims take over America they will cut out the tongues of all the liars. The halls of congress will be silent. Msnbc and cnn wont be around

  10. Life without parole is not enough for what these liars have done!

  11. Shut down the government

  12. Stop corruption with the biden yall can do it Democrats are liars

  13. What about the laptop notice that you don’t hear about it anymore

  14. Shut this 💩down. Fire every single one of them. WAY more than $20,000,000!!

  15. Crook traitor Joe Biden treason treason treason !!

  16. He hasn’t done anything he’s done plenty to make himself rich and his cronies and his son I think I’m getting on his job work for once the Democrats are nothing but pathological liar‘s they lie all the time and now they’re saying that our democracy is at jeopardy because Trump in the madness are winning the Magnus the people they’re not Magnus the Democrats are the ones that are destroying our democracy ramming stuff down our throats our energy programs everything is gone

  17. zBiden is trying to protect his son. But it wont work this time. Get rid of them both.

  18. Fox's New is controlled like everything else in the world so is MSNBC CNN your all corrupt and criminals…. you work for the same people that destroying the world….

  19. It's funny you all haven't said the first thing about hunter Biden's laptop 💻 even though the FBI had it but lost it but now the DOJ has is but want put it into the evidence but there not corrupt 🤣😂🤣 there criminals just like the CIA the FBI the DOD and the rest of the alphabet gang….

  20. How blind are these Democrats. They all need to be removed from office!!!!

  21. Joe was running the whole thing but he can't remember anything!


  23. Biden is an unbelievable crooked person and should be removed from his position.

  24. That sound like Trump corruption 🤣 😂 🤔

  25. He is involved and he knows it

  26. in some rings that is called a 1-2-3 combo with knock out. Can Republicans deliver? If J.Biden had not been in congress, not been VP and now President his son would never have had any connection to any of this. Joe needed a front man and who better than his own son and brother in other words family. Now J.B., is in perfect position to pardon all of it.

  27. How the American people constantly allow there political elite to lie and screw them over astounds me and the way they just say it's a conspiracy and then it's ignored for years come on man 😂

  28. Family Guilty!!! Guilty!!! Guilty!!! Put ‘em in Chains Lock em up ‘ Throw them to the Lions ! Hell is waiting☠️👺

  29. Democrats don’t care about what is right or wrong they ONLY care about POWER and their denials are ridiculous in the eyes of the American people

  30. Theres more evidence against biden than there was against trumpp

  31. Joe needs his cut from the auto workers union pay joe he deserves it,all the workers are over paid anyways

  32. Good by mcCarthey haha you had no balls anyways dude ✌️

  33. Its good for our economy all the migrants plenty of good paying jobs here in the good ole usa/china

  34. Atleast that money will stay in usa/china and be spent here instead of just handing it to ukraine, the 25 billion to be spent on migrants im talking bout ,pretty coolio eh people

  35. What's good for the goose is good for the Democrats ha ha ha