Thursday , August 11 2022

GOP Lawmaker: This has created a devastating impact on the middle class

Republican House Minority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise provides insight on oil importation while Americans see high gas prices on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #kudlow

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  1. That was their frigging plan all along

  2. They are wondering how to get rid of electric car batteries Germany was asking .

  3. Elon Musk, please find a solution, for gasoline not only Jet fuel …

  4. He is a illegitimate president

  5. If you can rig a election you don’t care what people think

  6. If you can right a election you don’t care what people think

  7. If you can right a election you don’t care what people think

  8. All the result of a fraudulent election.

  9. As an American citizen, I declare Joe Biden Enemy Number One of the US citizens!

  10. Throw him in prison for life and throw away the key

  11. Everyone is charging up credit cards. Bankruptcy are surging.

  12. Remember in November whether you're a Republican or not vote Republican. Don't tell me anyone with a brain is happy with the way things are now! Heck NO 👎Impeach Biden needs to happen. Worst President Ever!!!!!!

  13. We need Leadership in America..
    Leadership to improve our America is more vital then ever!

  14. There are a lot of career politicians in DC, according to Scalise here, and others, Biden is a career criminal.

  15. I have not heard one person say bleep Biden in my area of the country ,(Atlanta,Georgia).These people will vote for him another 4yrs.

  16. Get rid of this yahoo President. He hates Americans, he hates America he hates the Constitution . He is guilty of Treason and back room deals via his Son, Hunter. Impeach and Indict!!

  17. Stop acting like you don't know what these Communist are doing Larry! I watch you & only you on FOX Business. I will not watch the liers on FOX telling ppl or Not telling We The People the truth!

    Joe Biden is not going to answer to anybody. Larry it's what Communist leaders do. they never answer to anybody. it's a wonder he even answers one question from the Press! come on man! Larry. Say they're Communist 💯 Ty

  18. He wants we the people on bycicles or walking

  19. When he meets with oil CEOs he will be on his KNEES

  20. You can thank jo later.

  21. Joe could fix it tomorrow but he just don't care about the American people

  22. Liberal democrats have got to go !

  23. No matter how you explain what Biden is doing you just can't fix stupid.

  24. Russia is nothing more than poking the bear it’s a distraction for all you conservatives it’s a distraction. Ukraine is nothing more than a country that finals corrupt money from America 🇺🇸…
    Where the heck do you think $54 billion went? Wake up people Ukraine and Russia is nothing more than a distraction from what Chyna and Biden are doing to America wake the hell up people !!!!!

  25. The vast majority of Campaign dollars is going into the Republican party to support Oil industry legislation. When is the Republican party going to demand an end to the alleged gasoline refinement shortages? It does not take several months to put these facilities back online. I'm in the Engineering field and have several years in the chemical processing industry. You might be able to fool some of the people some of the time. We all know it's election time, so stop with your lies and get those facilities back up and running. We are not all fools to the Politicians.

  26. Biden is crushing us all. Any political party aside it’s ALL Americans.

  27. As long as they have Dominion counting the votes and editing the electronic automated vote counting machines they will never loose a Presidential election again. Have you forgotten the images already? The pulling from under the table of boxes full of votes after they kicked out the Republican observers and started to cover the voting precinct windows so nobody could see what was going on inside…. Americans have a fickle memory and have no independence of thought always relying on the Media to tell them how to think! You already lost your Constitutional Republic.

  28. I love how amateurs posing as journalists use vague, almost Horoscope type words to describe a matter …as in " This " you don't yourself to tell us in the title ? is that what you are saying, is that you are so STUPID that you can't figure out what " THIS " is and you need us to watch and figure it out for ourselves ?

  29. I love how Kudlow looks like he is ready to pass out.
    He's like…. "This useless political drivel…."
    Scalise rambling about nothing. LOL

  30. Biden is your boss, not mine!

  31. This does seem like a slow deliberate demolition, are we going to keep being soft and veiling it by blaming it on Joe's frailty?! Perfect defense, if you ask me.