GOP lawmaker: This is empowering dictators

Alaska Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan provides insight on returning power to investors and shreds Biden’s energy policies on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #Kudlow

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  1. Flat rate taxation revolution time is for NOW

  2. Elon Musk don't need the ignited states do United States need mr. Must provide sign electric cars the best in the world most likely China can't make nothing like this no one can be except Elon Musk so they can say what they want but I'm glad they turned it on him because that makes him a better Republican and all you spineless motherfuking Republicans

  3. The only shortage that Uncle Joe's not responsible for is a shortage of shortages…
    Thanks to Quid Pro Joe our country now has absolutely no shortage of shortages❗😆❗

  4. I promised my ALIEN that I would be retiring in Florida promises made promises unkept the job of a Federal Civil Servant targeted was subpoenaed governor's to consider my work history spoils gained in battle's obtained ongoing debt owed to me from the Mid Eighty's SAUDI Arabia's property rights of half of the Base ongoing debt from China since 1991 violations of the Geneva Agreement reached then breached fine's tagged as my federal stamp situated with cam recorder facts that are spoils gained in battle's obtained ongoing debt owed to me indefinitely from these three discoveries offset these original three's also FAULTED

  5. See this guy he is the youngest astronaut we have ever sent in outer Space FALSE I Kim Renee Foster Married my First Husband the ALIEN Willowbeay I own the planet of VENUS since 1989 lot rent from the international Space Station use

  6. Their Pledged of allegiance Oneworld Economic Forum or One World Order under the guise of Climate changed or Climate manipulation enslaving people's taxpayers money worldwide making them more Richer empowered used Covid 19 bioweapon depopulate mankind's silence controlled people.

  7. ElonMusk is the savior of Free speech will make a healthy Democracy.He amazed me when he declared that he will not Republican ever he voted Obama but this time will vote for Republican .

  8. Deb halln is a big ZERO.

  9. should I share each file democrates R evil

  10. That sounds like Freedom… hmmm… I applaud the effort… seems like fantasy land in this environment… but if we have an election and people keep anyone, then this should be happening asap instead of waiting or there may not be an election. If these giant corps fear attack, they will fund politicians to own them after elections. They have the money.

  11. You knew that you liar so I ain’t being funny you don’t deserves to represent the GOP. Your. A traitor and I’m from the uk looking in and you should be ashamed of your self trump warned all of you and you won’t listen

  12. Biden thinks he's a dictator

  13. Impoverish the Country and finish destroying the middle class.

  14. Its gona take Republican's years to fix the damage this IDIOT has done in under 2 yrs!!! These people are completely against America!! Our own dumbass president!! Unbelievable!!!!

  15. Crazy administration has made us all Crazy!

  16. who gives a sh*t what Elon Musk does?

  17. The problem is that incompetent people are running the country. Infuriating. Where is the accountability? Bring on these politicians and explain what’s going on. These segments are too short to understand the big picture.

  18. Love this Bill regarding Blackrock's massive influence over Wall Street.

  19. He actually believed a Socialist? Unbelievably. Took him for a fool. Never believe a Socialist. they are born LIARS.