GOP lawmaker: US has 'great opportunity' to promote democracy in China

Texas Rep. Michael McCaul weighs in on protests against Xi Jinping’s ‘zero COVID’ policy in China on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #FOXBusiness #TheEveningEdit

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  1. US engineers the latest PROTEST aiming to topple China.
    There are ads enlisting youngsters, paying them ca$h to RIOT. US used the same trick in Kazakhstan, but Russia put it down fast.
    China shall trace those ads to find out who place them & punish those who take ca$h to betray the fatherland.
    This is a new COVID CARD.
    US lawmakers say this is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to promote democracy. This says it all that US is behind the PROTEST.

  2. US democraZy got a senile career politician with NO proven record of governance to run the country !
    F… DemocraZy !
    It is a bane not a boon.
    Meritocracy triumphs a fake democrazy like US !

  3. Made in China vaccine
    China ccp is evil

  4. Why not promote democracy to UK and sweden? Those european country are still on monarchy!

  5. There are 700,000 homeless people in US right now. US politicians and elites got this? I doubt, in fact, they should learn some wisdom from Larry Summers( former US Treasure)

  6. Why ur want to keep pushing for problems? Did the Chinese people call on the US for democracy? This world would be a better place if everyone can just leave everyone the f*ck alone!

  7. If you think the CCP is interested in democracy…you're a fckn idiot, plain & simple

  8. Taiwan is the true government of all of China!

  9. Tyrants always fall,it is up to the people of China to rid itself of the CCP….join the families of democracy 👍👍👍👍🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  10. I built The Alliance Of Global Leaders in my mission statement is protecting the people and Benifet of the people that why we have good leadership 👏

  11. I believe is Xi Jin Ping I believe he is thinking change maybe perhaps for his people on a positive basis

  12. Democrat censorship = CCP censorship Same Party, Biden is compromised!!!

  13. Congress MUST give Taiwan everything they need to defend themselves against the evil that is Xi and the Chinese Communist Party.

  14. The US needs to "to promote democracy" at home first instead of pushing Communitarianism.

  15. The Biden administration is owned by the CCP. Why should they support the protesters? The Chinese people have had enough. When will WE?

  16. I support the Chinese people !!! FJB!!!
    Biden and his family is in bed with the Chinese government..FJB!!

  17. Yeah the Biden administration backs peaceful protests in China , what about the supposed peaceful protest that the BLM and Antifa had when they caused riots in this country they didn't have much to say about that did they, bunch of treasonist aholes

  18. Uprisings in China could be the world’s saving grace!!! America’s shackled with an installed president on CCPs payroll!!!

  19. Uprisings in China could be the world’s saving grace!!! America’s shackled with an installed president on CCPs payroll!!!

  20. Unfortunately, ‘peaceful protests’ won’t work in China today. The violent regime will have to be deposed with violence met equally and opposite. Sheer force of numbers can seize the politicians and cast them out of office – that is democracy although not through the ballot. The Chinese people must be supported in their attempts to remove tyranny and institute freedom and democratic solutions.

  21. one problem 1.5 billion what would the US look like total madness

  22. There is no Democracy in America and you people are all about China. The democrat criminal organization has weaponized all of the FEDS against political opposition and the education system has been corrupted in their favor. All of the above about freedom is no longer the case in America. Get out of the ivory towers and go to the poorest places in America and see how bad it really is. So many laws have been added by Obama, Biden and the democrats against the good citizens while illegal aliens and criminals are protected from them.


  24. Of course Chinnk Joe keep his silence

  25. On one hand , China has down side that it denies : xin xiang , tibet, myanmar , hk, Taiwan and etc! Lets clean this up and deal with it. Took them so long and delayed all kinds of peace inside. Nobody is error free and jesus i have taken my cross so why not you your own? Lead us the way my lord! 🔥

  26. Does it mean “organise a coup”?

  27. Let's circle back the LSD flower child's of the 60s know world is reading replys these deciples of doj John Kirby is a lier not for lock downs like Chinese leader xi kin passed away alone because Jo bama admin impeach these deciples like Chinese citizens to leader xi someone add

  28. Instead of focusing what treatment and medicines are the most effective or more correctly inventing one if none is yet available for curing monkeypox or how to stop it from spreading the woke mob is suggesting to change its name to mpox for the name of the disease is racist. Give me a break. When Sars CoV 2 virus started spreading and COVID the disease itself along with in the early '20 from China across Europe and mainland US eventually, instead of finding genetic sequences of the viruses as quickly as possible in collaboration with China where the virus originated from and specific origin of it, lab leak vs. natural transmission from wildlife or wild animal trade in Wuhan wet market they kept focusing on the implications of its naming before they address first n foremost real consequences from Covid. They said to call it Chinese virus in particular from the tongue of US President especially would be too Xenophobic and racist against China with potential dire consequences against Chinese community or China itself across the Pacific frankly. But that is what most accurately described this virus with its true- factually true with unison consensus from experts- origin amid China denying even it originated there! So Spanish flu the real origin it hints isn't factually correct yet we have not huge issue calling it that name still what's so controversial calling Sars CoV 2 a virus from China or Chinese virus for its name's sake?

  29. Feckless Rinos should be more concerned about the attack on democracy in the USA by the Biden regime

  30. Hold on. Basic rights and freedoms were taken away in nearly every other "freedom loving" democratic country.

  31. This is no time to promote democracy in China. This is the time to fix democracy in America. Try representing America for a change.

  32. Xi and his teams statecraft is trying their very best to continue to fool,control chinese under guise of combating covert 19 ,those protestors will be punished later on .american politician can no longer trust ccp anymore

  33. F… DemocraZy !
    US choice between Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum is not making it stronger !
    Look at Sleepy Joe, a product of US democraZy !

  34. We don't need any US influence and support. We recognize the issues, and we are perfectly capable of dealing with our own problems. Although they seem far, reform and changes are comming as we fight. United States should stop trying to police the world and take care of their own problems. What the US did to other country are unforgivable, and we don't want to be the next Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan. United States always wave the flag of democracy and freedom while taking advantages for themselves through these invasions. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!