Thursday , December 3 2020
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GOP Lawmakers Storm Secure Room, Delaying Impeachment Inquiry Testimony | NBC Nightly News

More than two dozen House Republicans barged into the secure room where impeachment investigators were deposing their latest witness, blasting Democrats for holding hearings in private. The interruption delayed testimony from Laura Cooper, the top Pentagon career official overseeing Ukraine policy.
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GOP Lawmakers Storm Secure Room, Delaying Impeachment Inquiry Testimony | NBC Nightly News


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  1. The pentagon official has that same crazy appearance that insane leftist have.

  2. Republicans were in that meeting too!

  3. They all need to be removed from office.

  4. republicans are bullies and are trying to intimidate witnesses by their
    actions. And their stupid followers don't understand this. Its the same
    trick they pulled when they had their people shout down the town hall
    meetings on Obamacare back a few years ago by going in and shouting and
    yelling so that no one could speak so the town halls were closed and
    this effectively shut down the meetings so that NO QUESTIONS COULD BE
    TALKING AND COMPROMISING because of the republicans and their bully
    tactics. This way they could spread their nonsense to their overtly
    religious, uneducated, backward, white trash supporters about what they
    wanted them to believe about Obamacare.
    These republicans should be held in some sort of contempt or something
    as they are corrupting the law and disrupting the process and as I have
    said by their actions trying to intimidate witnesses.

  5. 🎖 WoW these Republicans really know how to get things done 🏆

  6. Republicans need to stop these Democratic party of coaching these so call witnesses of lieing to Americans people, we the people want to see and hear these witnesses

  7. Are these adults, or children in adult bodies?


  9. well, that wasn't stupid.

  10. This was pure media stunt from the republicans.
    Those frauds just wanted to show their supporters that they still got balls.
    They claim they did it for justice and for Trump, but the truth is, they just wanted to polish their image for 2020. For their own image is the only thing those people care about.
    Heck, these republicans would sacrifice Trump immediately, if they thought it would help them win 2020! Fact.

  11. Gosh their appearing for the first time without any hoods . Their Grandchildren must be so proud of them

  12. impeachment won’t pass the senate unless Trump actually did something. Which I really doubt since the Democrats said they had earth shattering evidence of Russian interference every couple of months but we never saw it because there was none.

  13. Criminal insanity. Follow the Russian money.

  14. Republicans demand, what Republicans don't give.

  15. They entered a cell phone free zone for security with their phones and taping. The room and it's contents are not to be revealed so outside sources can't compromise our Government by spying there. Every bone breaching the security clearance of that room should have been arrested. Simple. They are criminals being let to run out of control and bully our nation.

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