Thursday , July 29 2021
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GOP leaders slam Dems for not calling Inspector General Horowitz to testify

Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL), House Judiciary Committee member, weighs in on potential Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz testimony.

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  1. Gop leaders are feckless, Dems open year long investigations with no or false evidence. Gop leaders "slam" Dems with a table full of evidence. I'm pretty sure Nunes is a Comey clone, just stalling

  2. The u.s. is watching you Democrats and you are just what we think you are out of touch with the rest of us.

  3. Their skin is getting thicker and thicker everyday like a BLUBBER.

  4. These lawmakers don't have shame at all.

  5. Traitor democrats and scared republicans are nothing but useless to the american people. A laughing stock to the whole world especially the traitor democrats busy sowing hatred against the potus.

  6. Dummyrats are scared shitless bc they know they got busted trying to do a coup on Trump

  7. They don’t care about anything unless it hurts Trump

  8. Democrats want to bring down the United States and even allow a Shut Down in 16 days, because they all want to Impeach President Trump . Democrats does this they will be voted out of power in 2020 and President Trump will be elected President to a second term.

  9. But the coward mueller was required to testify….but then again, that fit their narrative. Typical democrat behavior…hypocrisy and cowardice.

  10. Just like last time Pelosi was Speaker of House, the Democrat Party will be wiped out from coast to coast. They have gone way too far left.

  11. I hope Nadler gets thrown out of office! He's a liar, a cheat, and an enemy to Americans!

  12. What is the IG ? if he cant tell you to your face. Nothing but misdirection of the truth, and obsfication right down party lines. Nadler is one of them, and they dont want anything that stinks and they cant cover , and bury the fact That James Comey should be Rotting in a cell. The assertion that somehow the public isnt being fairly served is the understatement of the decade. I'd like to ask Nadler why in the hell he wont hear from Horowitz. Nadler is a one man self serving biased partisan hack on his last days. Who needs House oversight When Nadler is blind deaf and negligent not interested in hearing anthing that would show that the coup is still opperating.

  13. How in the hell can a judiciary committee even think about impeachment when no crime was ever committed by the president's administration. Completely asinine!!! This is what the democratic party runs on, bogus theory because they lost in 2016!!!!!

  14. Investigate Nadler….he is a traitor and a thief

  15. Nadler is a sh*t stain on America

  16. This isn't about the law or justice in any way. This is about politics and, specifically, the 2020 elections. The dumbacrats know they can't beat Trump in the issues. They know they can't beat Trump with facts. And they know the they can't beat Trump in the polls. Let's face it, they know they can't beat Trump!!
    They know, despite all of their propaganda media support, that the majority of the people are still 100% behind our President and that they simply don't have a viable candidate. So they're trying a Hale Mary play to try and get rid of him, once and for all! And F what "we the people" want! What does that tell you about what they intend to do with our freedoms if they win in 2020. 🤔👿
    President Trump should sue each one of them for slander. Or better yet, arrest them for treason, for this attempted political coup!
    Trump 2020! 🦅🛐🇺🇸

  17. Mueller testified cuz they thought they had something to help the Left…. Horowitz not testifying cuz they know they won't have anything again to help the Left.

  18. All RELEVANT evidence AND witnesses should be present during mitigations whether it's legal, civil case or executive meetings/hearings. I thought this was the law of our great land, a fair hearing and trial.

  19. Nadler is a danger to our Republic! Wake up America!

  20. How to appear to investigate while promoting disinformation without exposing any of the truth is a difficult task facing the Democrats.

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