GOP rep warns this could make China ‘more dangerous’

Rep. Andy Barr, R-Ky., discusses American aid to Israel, the hostage deal and China’s decline in GDP. #foxbusiness

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  1. as israeli USA should give us money because we own lot of Jewish business in USA.

  2. When will the US congress started working for Americans as opposed to Israel and Ukraine? 😂

  3. You should be using our tax dollars to be paying off our debt. How can we help other countries? If we can’t even help our own country this doesn’t make any sense we’re at Warren our own backyard. We have our own business to be dealing with we don’t have time to be dealing with everybody else’s business because now we owe so much money to everybody else. Nobody’s trying to give us a hand out our bill out.

  4. What a joke. The government has the $$$. We all know it.

  5. According to IMF, China growth rate for 2023 is 5.4%
    which is on par with most of the IQs of FOX employees.

  6. make China more dangerous? China has encircled the USA with military bases and provided arms to Mexico have they? Oh wait – that's what the USA is doing

  7. Whats my favorite quote.U THINK…

  8. From the river to the sea Palestine will be free.

  9. 👍👍👍. I was at a retirement seminar and the speaker spoke on how he quit his job after he made well over $950,000 PROFIT within 3months he invested $120,000. I just began investing and i will really appreciate any tips or helpful guide.

  10. Please someone explain to me why Republicans are so scared of China? Their is no upside for them to start a conflict with the US.. We have the 1st and 2nd most powerful air forces in the world. Our navy is a force any where in the world. Actually think before you speak Republicans, please.

  11. So we have to fear China now forget about it WE STILL THE WORLD GREATEST SUPER POWER.

  12. WHERE DO WE KEEP GETTING SO MUCH MONEY? At some point the well will run dry! we keep dishing out BILLIONS…is any come back in?

  13. There's one thing that has made China more dangerous…..and that's Biden.

  14. As a taxpayer I don't want any of my money going to Israel or Ukraine

  15. South Dakota GOP is very pro Chi-com, they enjoy the CCP spying at the air base here in South Dakota, CCP and the GOP two peas in a pod!

  16. Geeze, Fox channel has a spam fest.

  17. The newscasters don’t know anything we don’t have any money to give them money. We have to borrow it and pay interest on it. You guys are dereliction of duty yourselves.

  18. Chinese 🇨🇳 property sector, which accounts for 30% of GDP, is crashing.
    – Exports and imports, accounting for 37% GDP, are down.
    – Foreign investment is falling sharply.
    – Youth unemployment hits over 21%, a record.
    – Its workforce is 10 years older than neighboring countries.
    Still, China keeps reporting outrageous GDP numbers. Lol
    Where does the growth come from?

  19. It takes punishment to change the Chinese🇨🇳 regime's behavior. Diplomacy won't.

  20. Shumer acts like he for Israel when he's on national TV but he won't get this Israel bill passed through congress

  21. The window of opportunity for them may not be open for very much longer and,

    as many mention, sustainability is questionable; a leap too far.

  22. Whenever, wherever, you see a comment bot extolling Amazon's AMA49X / AMK69X / AMZP22X / AMK33X . . . . please hit the downvote button!

  23. Free Palestine, no to the Israeli massacres in the Gaza Strip, no to the killing of thousands of children and women, no to the mutilation of children and women in Gaza.

  24. The US and Western Military-Politician-Think Tank-Finance-Intelligence-Security–Academia-Media-Industrial Complex is beating the drum for war with China.

  25. Pushing hate of Asians as usual because Republican don't have nothing to offer their voters but few and hate. Nobody knows what China going to do or not going to do unless they got a crystal ball in can see into future. There's nothing worst than a T.V. fortune teller.

  26. With Schumer's refusal to pass the single item funding bill to support Israel and Biden threatening to veto
    It proves that every Democrat in the house and Senate are

  27. China worships USA money.
    Chinese students worship USA universities.
    Chinese worships living in the USA.
    China will NOT go to war with Taiwan.
    USA made in China.


  29. Isreal can give itself it's own loans since they own the banks

    American taxpayers do not support the grift that Isreal has continued we should all stop funding terror and stop funding monsters Isreal is no longer a victimhood anyone should support

  30. Hey black rock and Apple…… My initials are BA. Carry on

  31. All because of the current president's weakness.

  32. Schumer and dems rejected Israel aid, you don't say.