Tuesday , April 20 2021
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GOP Rep. Zeldin encouraged to run for New York governor

Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-NY,discusses investigating Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home scandal and potential plans to unseat Democrat. #FoxBusiness #Kennedy

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  1. I wonder what Dobby is doing now that he got fired for lying? my guess is one of the networks that's even crazier that Fox

  2. Big Blue Wave Blowback 2022 snd 2024.

  3. so cuomo is a criminal and zeldin is a criminal. nice job eliminating those elderly people, cuomo. nice job voting for $10 trillion in stimulus for foreign countries and giving us $600, zeldin. which criminal is worse? probably cuomo, but im never voting again anyway because of dominion machines, so who cares. they think we're stupid and we dont follow politics and we're going to turn out for them just because LAMESTREAM news is talking about these criminals giving them good press. give us a better candidate.

  4. I don't think cuomo stands a chance.

  5. Rather have Cuomo instead of a Republican. Foh

  6. Another Republicrat like that Kentucky failure I won’t mention?

  7. Why ? See y need experience
    First ,Dog Catcher ……lol
    Ya ever work as a vendor at Jet/ Giant games ?

  8. Right. Even with Cuomo nursing home scandal, he's still better than ANYONE in the GOP.

  9. Lee Zeldin is just as big a scumbag as Cuomo. No thanks.

  10. Fox and Republicans are so stupid.

  11. Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo!!! Cuomo this and Cuomo that! Who cares anymore##

  12. Comments off.
    Comments on.
    Fox off.

  13. Do you think Cuomo‘s been one week with him you’re gonna be wishing for Cuomo Both of them are corrupt

  14. If they would start holding all of these politicians accountable for their treasonous acts regardless if they're on the left or right you would see much better politicians!

  15. Please. Dems are literally killing NEW YORKERS!

  16. Historically NY only prospered under GOP policies. Impeach Cuomo and DeBlasio

  17. Republican Party is so tainted from the impeachment of Trump and Cruz going to Cancun. No one in their right mind would go Republican right now.

  18. Repukentons…no thanks…just more lies

  19. Generally, politicians are way to loquacious! Including this one.

  20. Politicians are a lot like fish.
    After 3 days the fish start to stink. 🤭
    For politicians it’s after 3 terms.
    Either way— time to throw out the trash and start cleaning up. 🪣🧽

  21. If it wasn’t for hate , bigotry , whataboutism and ignorance republicans would have nothing .

  22. Outside of ny city the state is pretty red.must be the smog and trash vapors in the city doing some dain bramage.

  23. Zeldin can’t even get the roads plowed well on Long Island and he wants to run for governor? FOH and I’m a fellow Republican! Go learn how to plow snow upstate and see how they do it up there!

  24. Of course Democrats are speaking out. Republicans never cared about how many Americans were dying from Covid. Let alone people living in nursing homes.

  25. He's unfortunately my congressman-I'd vote for a box of Crayons before I'd vote this piece of crap

  26. If you think things can't possibly get worse…introducing Gov Zeldin….should be his campaign slogan….

  27. She went from mtv to fox racist and fake news far down the rabbit hole.

  28. Republican governor in New York? Joke of the century 😂

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