Wednesday , August 10 2022

GOP senator rips Biden's new bill: It's a 'war on seniors'

Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Rick Scott member argues the president’s new spending bill will crush senior citizens on ‘Varney & Co.’ #foxbusiness #varney

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  1. C. Schumer needs to live on what other senior live on,not what he get paid by what we pay him.

  2. Biden is a war on WE THE PEOPLE

  3. Sorry but you are saying wrong things just like with Russia. China wants to take over world! What!Who has 600 military bases threw the world when Russia and China combined has 35. That statement does not look accurate. And stop buying from china? Maybe you dont know but lower middle class cant afford to by American. I've tried that. Plus it's hard to find. How about this let's try talking, negotiating and finding some agreement instead of instantly get on a high horse and making things up like they want to take over world. Your sounding like dems.

  4. I know most Americans hate seniors, because I am one, I see this hate especially for poor seniors . Let me tell you all something we, the seniors have supported this country financially with our taxes until you young people grew up to pay taxes, seniors are also the backbone of this country, some of us are still working & paying taxes to support this nation. So next time you see a senior thank him or her, & stop this bias racist tone toward seniors we are tired of it.

  5. Dems are evil corrupted lieing people

  6. Oddly enough the narcissistic f*cks that are pushing this bill get FREE Healthcare that WE PAY FOR! They are not and should not be above the average American. That’s the big disconnect. We work and pay for everything. They dictate and control and actually do NOTHING but get a massive paycheck and FREE Healthcare! That needs to change.

  7. I'm in California and I'm totally screwed at least you guys have a governor


  9. can't wait till the cavalry gets here and puts them all in jail………….all corrupt officials in every branch of our over grown bloated government!!!!

  10. This Biden is a piece of crap. He’s already cut many of our Medicare services and prescriptions. We are HURTING and I hope ALL THE DEMOCRATS GO DOWN FOREVER.

  11. I cant afford drugs on medicare now…600.00 for blood thinner!?! Per month…..

  12. We need to put an end to congressional pensions. Make them contribute to Social Security and defined contribution private pension plans. Make them live like the people they keep dumping this fertilizer on. And no government-provided health insurance. Make them sign up on the ObummerCare exchanges and contribute and go on Medicare at 65. Burst their bubble and make them deal with what the real people need to endure.

  13. like the gop isn't doing all it can to screw low income seniors

  14. All MAGA hats are made in china.

  15. I got a strong feeling of “TRUMP”. One of the best. Miss him.

  16. This is a dumb senator

  17. Thats actually what happens when you actually take $2000 in stimulus Money from all of your people and only raise prices on literally everything in America nowadays and immently spend Exponential amounts of Money on various types of other things that arent helpful to America and its actual Citizens in every way possible on literally every level currently.

  18. As a senior on a fixed income, I need to go back to work. This is crazy.

  19. And on average Americans income

  20. How much more do you boomers need?

  21. Why Go Brandon! Is a nationwide chant.

  22. Cut benefits for young able-bodied generation.

  23. Why don't we have people stop paying for you government officials and your families, people could actually pay for health insurance if taxes were not taken to pay for government officials and their families health and dental care, Or why isn't the government telling people on SSI that there food stamps are actually part of there payment, or social security should NEVER be taxed because it already has been and putting money into the SSA doesn't only include a check but food stamps too and medicare and speaking of medicare they are not a company so why are they charging as if they were and who does that money actually go to, and lets talk about sales tax the IRS can not take both federal and sales tax that is double taxation and speaking of double taxation lets talk about property tax you cannot tax something that has already been taxed, when you buy your house it is being taxed and so is the land,plus alot of you counties istreating it as if a loan has been given,if money was not exchanged you cannot charge interest or late fees, because it does open up counties for lawsuits, lawsuits that would blackmail/extortion, you can't demand money when you never gave money and then threaten to take property that isnot yours,you say you doproperty taxes to help out the community well then what happens to the grants that are given to communities for just those things,some grants you get twice a year. Well as far as these government officials ( federal, state and local) will be under investigation and that includes the IRS NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Well no Republicans better vote for this! Just straight Democrat, that way my mother and her sisters can explain to me why??