GOP senator: Why you should vote Republican

Florida Sen. Rick Scott discusses whether Republicans will investigate Hunter Biden and where GOP messaging went wrong in the 2022 midterm elections on ‘Varney & Co.’ #foxbusiness #varney

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  8. your 'votes' don't count as this DC Marxist well knows. and they only continue this dullard dialogue b/c they're removed from their cushy jobs if they don't

  9. Won't happen too many brainwashed morons

  10. Senator Rick Scott another loser holding on to power has no interest in doing anything for this COUNTRY another conspiracy NUT full of HATE LIES and RACISM

  11. aint this one of the guy who wanted to raise 30 million dollars for his campaighn,some of it no doubt from ukraine money laundering banks

  12. How can America stop buying Chinese products? They flooded our market with their crap.

  13. Republicans need to spend less time whining about dems more time detailing solutions. Whine a little as an opener, then offer solutions. Keep repeating a good positive step-by-step plan for America to win elections.

  14. Senator Scott is a liar and a thief. Anyone know where all those millions disappeared to before the election? I didn't think so. The only reason to vote for any republican is either severe brain damage or a lobotomy. You guys just had your arse handed to you, nobody is buying what you are selling anymore. Maybe you should think about that.

  15. And USA are United States Of Corruption! So please come down from you high horses

  16. Any Republican that speaks out against Trump I will not vote for and I am not alone on this.


  18. 10 percent for "the Big Guy"? c'mon, man!!! we know who that is!!!

  19. Nothing is hidden from GOD" absolutely nothing…

  20. Senator Scott reminds us what every news article ought to also remind us of.
    China is a COMMUNIST NATION. That can and HAS turn(ed) on a dime as the DICTATOR sees fit.

  21. medicare fraud Rick Scott telling us why to vote republican zzz

  22. You must know something I must have missed. How do you quit buying products made in China When most of the good stuff in America come from china. Bring our jobs back here in America. Don't you dare blame the dem's. The republicans are just as bad .

  23. Only 61% believe Biden knew about hunters shady dealings??
    Are you kidding me!!!!

  24. Simple answer look at the last 2 year's.

  25. America needs "born-again" and Holy Ghost filled politicians representing us in government. Acts 2:38🕊

  26. You did a great job on the campaign even if you had your own party sabotaging their candidates. Stand behind the people's candidates if you want the trust of young voters. Yes! Fight for us.