GOP slams Kamala Harris for visiting DMZ, not southern border

‘Kennedy’ panelists Christopher Hahn, Spike Cohen and Jason Meister discuss Vice President Kamala Harris’s visit to the Korean Demilitarized Zone. #foxbusiness #kennedy

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  1. 8:00 – Shame on Kennedy, South Korea is a pivotal success, they did something with the 1952 Welfare State, and is America's success story in foreign relations, and Peace Corps. Maybe Kamala is making a statement ??

  2. The troops don't want a visit from a failure of a VP like Kamala. They should boo her on sight.

  3. drug test them all. They all sound like they're on the hard stuff

  4. why do you even let these Democratic A-Holes on your program to spout Democratic lies on Fox News? If I wanted to listen to Democratic Lies I can go to MSNBC, CNN, NY Times, etc. Other problem is he won't shut up, takes over entire conversation and other guest speakers have no time to say anything. Your FOX moderators stink!!!

  5. Vice-president Laughing Hyena is just following "The Big Guy's" order, to find Hunter another Mulit-Million Dollar Job!!!
    She's carrying a letter of Recommendation signed by "The Big Guy" & Vladimir Puke'n, testifying to his nonexistent qualification, to pitch to, Kim Jong-un!!!

  6. She's going to help Koreans economy.

  7. There are more important things than the DMZ . Kamala is saying to us look at my right hand, don't look to see what my left hand is doing !

  8. You can’t really blame them, they openly and obviously committed election fraud and we did NOTHING ABOUT IT.😡

  9. Lease her. House there and get her out of America which she knows absolutely knows nothing about and hates. Imply things like border open that she made but she doesn’t have the intelligence to go there or even listen to news stations other than liberal news who are in her intelligence level.

  10. Haha VP doesn't have any kids of her own

  11. Kamala…..So Sad!😪😪

  12. That b#@ch is only there to help LINE HER POCKETS….!

  13. Uhhhh yea, we've seen kamola bola ding dongs kind of "help"., yea….NO THANK YOU….!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬

  14. Maybe they'll hold her hostage for smoking her reefer in Korea

  15. Wouldn't that be great if North Korea kept her

  16. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are criminals

  17. Kamala Harris lose fire her and her brother Joe Biden now

  18. At least she flying on an eletric plane with electric motorcade for climate change.

  19. Learn the subject u talking about

  20. Fentanyl – not fentaNOL

  21. What the hell is wrong with her

  22. Take Joe Biden and Kamala Harris out of our white house now

  23. Put Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in prison

  24. brandon trying to keep heels up out of dc.

  25. How many illegal immigrants has chris hand accepted into his home or town !? How many !? The 30,000 troops are fully equipped and capable of protecting the country and fighting for themselves. They succeed well the other 364 days a year when Kamala is at home. Additionally I'm sure its more important for the troops to know their families at home are living well in a safe America. Moreover, why would the troops necessarily welcome Kamala anyway when they saw their brothers and sisters die and be abandoned in Afghanistan when joe biden cocked up the American withdrawal !?

  26. She is the border Czar in Korea. Can this administration do any worse?

  27. Do us all a favor Kamala Harris please stay in North Korea and do not come back to the U.S.

  28. The question is not about whether the border is secure or not,we all knows that the borders are widely open but the question is what is their purpose to make people cross the borders freely?

  29. Definitely need more of this Kennedy 👌 Australia

  30. Why is NINCOMPOOP KAMALA WASTING AVIATION FUEL BY GOING TO KOREA ? WHAT IS SHE CAPABLE OF DOING ? SHE'S been taking her salary for 18 months without doing a dam thing for the country. Her SALARY SHOULD BE ROLLED BACK and all benefits also should be withdrawn after she is kicked out of the WH in November.


  32. Kamala Harris needs to go back to what she is really good at her old under the Desk or on the Desk job 🤣😂🤣😂💦💦💦

  33. Got paid 2 not secure the USA borders?🇺🇸

  34. If Kamala's "word salads" were edible, she'd do something worth doing….like solving world hunger.

  35. What is Kamela doing in Korea? Worthless Kamela is not welcome in Korea. What is she going to do? Krackle?

  36. Joe got 81,000,000 votes. Kamala is such a strong leader. She really seems to care !

  37. Exactly, how did marthas vineyard go dumbass? You just want the border states to house them?

  38. Kamalatoe….aka EEOC hire….

  39. Why? It's already been done and nobody will care. Either domestically or in Asia.

  40. Joe…aka top Meat Head….


  42. Kamala needs a PERMANENT VACATION 🎯

  43. The Koreans don't want JAMALA KAMALA EITHER. Just Joe and jobamba⚫

  44. Kamala is a disgrace to the human RACE 👹 WORTHLESS DISHONORABLE COWARD TRAITOR ⚫