GOP’s refusal to let 2020 go puts party in ‘political pickle’ at ballot box

In 2022, election-denying Republicans performed on average 2.3 points worse in general elections than they did in primaries.

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  1. If you believe any polls any more your stupid. But if you believe any of the store bought liberal media ABC, NBC ,CBS ,MSNBC and the rest then your a mor*n

  2. they are screaming that a system is rigged against them but voters coming out and participating in that system is the only way they get hired…..dumb strategy

  3. The republicans talk and act exactly like the old Russians of Lenin's time.

    Public denunciations of thoughts, words or actions that effect the party.

    Call out their enemies and send then to the gulags or the grave.

    Anything to hold onto power.

    I'm sure the republicans will deify Trump when he passes.

    They build a tomb just like Lenin's and prostrate themselves for their god and insane party of evil.

  4. If Trump, Lindell, Ghouliani Powell, Ellis, MTG, Gaetz, Boebert, McCarthy, Fox, Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham and/or MAGA Karens in and out of Congress have evidence of election fraud, present it to prove Dominion and Smartmatic wrong. Two years of talk and nothing. Show it already!

  5. The democrats are the living embodiment of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  6. They won't let a few facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory gift.

  7. The ultimate goal of placing these deniers in there positions is to over throw fair elections. Voter suppression is just laying the groundwork. Wake up people or we are doomed.

  8. I am 100% MAGA. Our only hope at this point is the vaccine Trump made for them works.

  9. Every four years, president messes up USA, the next tries to undo it, and congress is a old nursing home, that goes to lunch on tax payers money and has 3 martinis. USA government needs a over haul.

  10. Good. Let's hope republicans keep owning themselves

  11. I'm all for Republicans screwing themselves because they won't take their blinders off… Blinders are for horses btw.

  12. Who still thinks Donnie is president?

  13. The entire world knows that Biden is a Fraud

  14. Have to be an extremist to win a primary as a republican, have to almost be republican to win as a democrat. This country deserves its lower quality of life than Europe.

  15. It is just a scary sh-t when characters of McCarthy, MTG, Gaetz, Corrin, etc. … being multiplied by thousands and become the law of the land of USA!

    Whose government in Germany during 1930's consolidated all legal power and eventually issued the law that not only stripped all Jewish German citizens in Germany and sent them , but then also all Jewish around Europe, to concentration/Labor/death camps?

    If the white supremacist group came in power like Nazi in Germany, would they issue gradually the law to strip any non-white American citizens and send them to camps or out of USA?

  16. The only thing House Republicans in the House will accomplish is satisfying political vendettas,
    forget about them help solving the Country's problems.

  17. Whatever you do do not vote for Biden you can vote Democrat but don't Biden f**** idiots

  18. All this tells me is that Republicans have figured out that they can do a lot more damage when they don't control the White House but are given control of Congress and potentially the Senate simultaneously

  19. Jail birds tune in to see chucks facial hair

  20. What's with the dance jams

  21. Yeah, Republicans refuse to let voter fraud die because it is a reason to never accept that they were rejected, and is an excuse to keep passing new voting restrictions for "election integrity".

  22. How does that work where the election deniers seem to make up a majority of primary voters? Why don’t general election Republicans outnumber them in the primaries?

  23. Biden’s empty campaign rallies to historically low levels of approval as president won the election 😂 thank goodness for censorship lol
    One would be a fool to think what happened in the 2022 Arizona Maricopa county did not also happen in the 2020 presidency
    Not to mention 2020 Pa a state judge illegally taking it upon himself to change ballot due dates specifically when Biden was losing the election breaking existing written law our constitution article 2 section 1, clauses 2 & 3, only the legislative branch has to the power to change ballot due dates
    2016 got an investigation into fraud based off anonymous hear say
    2020 no fbi no fbi investigation, but instead censorship regarding fraud
    Social media algorithms automatically deleting anything regarding this subject
    Mark Zuckerberg openly through the fbi under the bus blaming them for censorship
    They censored on Twitter the Hunter Biden story
    Almost at it the federal government wanted to change the out come of an election
    Whose in jail for the 2016 fake Russian nonsense ? So the department of justice can be trusted hahaha ?

  24. If Trump is indicted no one can say how things will play out. I'm not a MAGA. Just trying to keep an open mind.

  25. The Republtards have benefited from 30 years of voter suppression and gerrymandering. This strategy has passed the limit of it's effectiveness as the base of the GOP suffers from a declining base due to old age and poverty makes the ballot inaccessible to millions more.

  26. this show is ridiculous Dem propaganda. this is not “the press.”.

  27. Trump supporters will lie cheat and steal to order to win the next presidential election.

  28. As much as I don't like him, Trump will win again, especially if Democrats run Biden again.

  29. 7 years of lefty lies about trump and burying the Biden family crimes didn’t effect the election Todd? You call yourself a journalist?

  30. Qanon cult MAGA GQP…… RIP
    Traitorous Trump has seen to that 👌

  31. The fact that any one supports these corrupt, dishonest, perverse MAGA candidates is truly pathetic. Patriots, use your vote to push Government of Pain candidates out of office everywhere at levels of government and all the time.

    Putin's Tre45on for Prison in 2024!

  32. Lock up Trump. Orange man bad.

  33. The background music is too loud and irritating 😂

  34. The republican party has went to the dark side pure evil a vote for republicans is a vote to end democracy remember Germany now evil is at are door step!

  35. These people are so-far-gone that even the recent Fox "news", first-hand admission that they knew Biden won and lied won't break through. I doubt Trump himself could get them to change their mind.

  36. Stop giving them clues on how to help fix things and let them destroy themselves… Thanks!

  37. Chuck Todd is a Democrat Lap Dog. This " DATA " is b.s.

  38. Let's just hope the GOP's "road" leads them off a cliff.

  39. —- Readers….. PLEASE consider workin NOW at YOUR Local and State levels to bring in OPEN PRIMARIES in your Elections !! NEITHER D🔵 or R🔴 like OPEN PRIMARIES because it takes their POWER away !

  40. Good if they want to keep believing these lies let them that's the benefit of our two party system 1 winner and one sore loser winner take all

  41. Chuck Todd's extreme hatred for the GOP stems from his abusive father and alcoholic mother.

  42. Disclaimer and Trigger warning:  This video contains copious amounts of truth and common sense.  These values have been found to break what ever the ultra MAGA uses to think with.

  43. Trump and his MAGA cultists are one of the worst things to happen to this planet since that guy in Germany with the funny moustache