Saturday , May 30 2020
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Gov. Andrew Cuomo addresses latest with COVID-19's effect on New York | USA TODAY

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo holds a press conference on the coronavirus pandemic.
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The U.S. death toll from the coronavirus marched to another record-setting pace early Saturday, with nearly 1,200 deaths in 24 hours as federal emergency workers tried to answer desperate pleas for respirators from dozens of states.

Residents can leave their homes for solitary exercise or to obtain essential services or items, including trips to the grocery stores.

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  1. Governor Cuomoi is the leader in crisis. He should be the president of USA

  2. Proud Oregonian, it is nice that Gov. Cuomo says what has about us. Be safe New Yorkers.

  3. Go listen to the Pete and Sebastian podcast on iHeartRadio 😂😂2 very funny comedians‼️laughter is the best medicine ‼️stay safe stay home 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. So not person in charge thought to ask Keith Richards what we should do?

  5. 14:305:05 "we are all in this together… this is all you need to know. Follow this thought throughout the presentation and question-answer session

  6. Chinese Commnusit Party's (CCP's) VENTILATORS MIGHT BRING GREATER DISASTER TO THE US AND THE WORLD!!!!!!!!! DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) fake generosity, the CCP are demons destroying the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE YOUR OWN, IT'S SAFER!!!!!!!!

  7. Keeps saying same stuff.
    Yeah NY learning about
    How most of the world lives
    Least your not under sanction like many countries.
    Poor countries the spend the budget paying inflated
    Enegry prices can't afford thing.
    Now you know how it feels to be desperate…

  8. Just think about Rumpus being in office 2008 …. We would still be in tank … swirling the drain in or swimming in the cesspool. Terribly ineffective and raucous disorganisation to say it politely. Better be ready to vote with the people that love the country & other humans … not those other folks who have none of these …Hhhmmm I call them attributes!

  9. order forklift trucks, be pro actif!!

  10. You know Andrew if you dont take this country Biden is too weak to win. We will have another 4 years of trump. Please reconsider running for pres. I understand a friendship for Joe but you need to look at the bigger picture….much bigger. 4 more years could kill us all. Andrew we are looking at you for leadership. You can do this. You will win. PLEASE

  11. I learned yesterday that VETERINARIANS have VENTILATORS in their practices too! Keep up the great work Governor Cuomo! You are a true leader!

  12. Governor Cuomo did a great job. Way much better than Mr. President. In his role, he did what he could do and more.

  13. Are we safe under this guys leadership? Why did we take so long to enforce a stay at home policy?

  14. If you need all this equipment why dont you accept Remington's offer to help make and build what you need?…

  15. came to Islam the Almighty God

  16. It affects everyone and people in the 30,40,50,60,70’s. Cuomo down played this from day one!

  17. Thanks to the President for saving Cuomo's ass. When Cuomo missed spent all the taxpayer's money for years.

  18. Cuomo is a tool! Fallow the numbers but ignore common sense! This guy is a tool!!!! It’s all over the state

  19. He gives no shit about NYS, to him everything out of NYC: BURN BABY BURN!

  20. Cuomo is a lying piece of nothing! A huge gun production plant that stepped forward and volunteered to make ventilators in NYS. HE IGNORED THE PLEA OF THE COMPANY FOR THE BLUEPRINT TO START THE PRODUCTION!


  22. He’s rubbing hospitals of ventilators and in exchange unloads a dozens of nyc Covid19s on small hospitals that have to kick local covid19 out to die at home to clear the icu for nyc! He DOESNT STOP THE SPREAD! He spreads it through the state, where the local cases still manageable, to burn down the local hospitals and contaminate as many as NYS locals as he can to wipe out the farmers.

  23. Coumo didn’t do anything but talk. He was too late. Look at other states especially the west coast. New York is sinking NJ, PA, FL, LA, CT, etc.

  24. Cuomo dropped the ball on this “low risk virus for ny” his words.

  25. Funny how no politician takes any responsibility. As if they had power to prepare. It is always someone else's fault. Cuomo blames Trump. Trump blames the previous administration. Nobody is at fault.

  26. Cuomo is a communist! A lawyer, who is anti 2nd amendment, who is proud of the child support collection system scam

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