Saturday , May 15 2021
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Gov. Cuomo holds press conference on New York state budget

Governor Andrew Cuomo holds press conference on New York State budget. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Rich “liberal” “progressive” democrats get bored easily so the city council and mayor that answers to them, released thugs from jail to prey on un-armed citizens as entertainment for the rich (think Roman times, coliseum), the connected politically, and rich have armed security or firearm carry licenses themselves, so they will be just fine. NY liberal progressive politicians deny citizens their civil right to self defense! The only chance the citizenry has is to be armed themselves. 2A is clear; “keep” is to have, “bear” is to carry, “regulated” is equipped, in proper working order NOT the leftist lie of gov rules! “Militia” is the people. Service in a militia is not a requirement! It is an Individual Right! (Not collective). USA citizens have a RIGHT to carry a firearm for self defense including in NYC!!!

  2. Vote cuomo out office. people can make their own decisions stop being dictator governor We can make our own decisions at bars and clubs.

  3. Typical Politician, he just ignores his negative actions and pretends it didn't exist.

  4. Wtf is going on ??? This is insanity !!

  5. This guy's trying to educate us as to what the difference between a loser and a winner is?
    Just when I thought I've heard it all….

  6. Andie C, don't worry about the money. Mumbles in the WH is gonna get you some of We The People tax money. 👎

  7. so cuomo ny giving illegals 1.1B more in taxpayers funded aid than small business now isn't that American

  8. America will never forget how fox threw President Trump under the bus.

  9. Governor Cuomo retirement home serial killer

  10. I thought that we were out of $? That you only got $12B instead of $15B? Where is the $ coming from that will fund all this new crap? God…I can’t wait to leave this state.

  11. Time for these "elites" to visit some jail cells for a long, long time.

  12. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  13. Why is this guy not in jail yet

  14. Why is he still in office!

  15. Its not free the shot they changed my health insurance for it

  16. We need to get rid of you
    your devastating


  18. This guy's not thrown out of office yet what's taking so long? And Fochi he's not even a doctor I can't understand this one

  19. Why why why is this guy still here !!! Same old breifings. !!! He should be wearing a clown suit !

  20. How can he still be in office not being charge for His action

  21. This state was bankrupt long before Corona, 6 billion dollar budget hole more like 20 but throw in a bit of AOC economics and its 6. The Corrupt Dirtbag and cronies give themselves a 63 percent raise. The state is bankrupt so lets raise the spending another 16 percent and find 2.1 billion for convicts and illegals pure Genius Andy and his fellow corrupt progressives are. they should all be sharing a prison cell.

  22. andrew coumo is a killer
    Fact. Checked: True. ✔️

  23. Dude…resign already! No one likes you in NY

  24. I love how towards the end he just starts listing all the reason's he's been a terrible governor (Increased crime, homelessness etc.) lol


  26. I thought that law obeyed citizens like me in our great country all must obey the law by the same rules but …why some people can get away with something most of us cannot…

  27. Why do you still have your job

  28. He is so rehearsed. He says the same thing everyday with a twist. What happened to the investigation into the nursing home deaths? Not a word yet.

  29. Why is this guy so dramatic? I also see the fake tan is coming back

  30. I guess they're waiting for the 10th,11th, & 12th accusers to come forward before they do anything. Has anyone noticed when a Demoncrat is in a jam you hardly hear anything from the MSM. And where are all the so called womens rights groups.???

  31. How is he still in office??????

  32. This fricken guy needs to be put in jail he is a murderer

  33. gavin newsome is a clone of cuomo but not as conniving but almost. witmer is the same, as is brown. All of them democrats of the lowest order. Their arrogance is there for all to see.

  34. No comments on the state of his horny pants?

  35. Been listening to this for over 60 minis he sounds more like a Italian
    PRIME MINISTER =Ben Muss .

  36. You’re really going to air this clown?

  37. They think their above the law. Just take a good look at his brother from CNN, he was supposedly quarantined in his basement but yet there was people who seen his out riding his bike when he was with C-19. News flash, the Dems are all guilty of tell us what to do but was caught doing what they was telling us not to do. It sad to know we have a bunch of faithful liars in Washington DC that claim to be doing business for us. Seem to me that they are doing for themselves and screwing us while the lie, cheat and steal their way through their public office. Time to get rid of all of them and start with some new blood. That goes for these states as well. Never heard anymore about the congressman sleeping with the Chinese spie.

  38. What’s happened to the story Cuomo and all the women’s allegations. I guess it’s fizzled out like all stories of sexual harassment against a Democrat do. Let’s move on to Gaetz now, he’s a Republican.

  39. What !…. Is this person not already in jail !

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