Sunday , April 18 2021
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Gov. Cuomo Responds To Sexual Harassment Allegations | NBC Nightly News

After a second former aide came forward to accuse Gov. Cuomo of sexual harassment, New York’s attorney general will appoint an independent investigator to look into the accusations against the governor.
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Gov. Cuomo Responds To Sexual Harassment Allegations | NBC Nightly News


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  1. The accusers are always of the Karen species

  2. Biden-como nothing here, same old, same old, oh yea throw hunter in there two….

  3. Let he who is without sin…..

  4. 3 Democrat Perverts Biden Cuomo & Clinton and I'm sure there are plenty more. The Democrats are the Sewage of America.

  5. Not to forget he also mandated that infected patients be sent to the nursing homes instead of the naval hospital ship


  7. How quickly the media has turned on this Emmy winner and best selling author..the guy killed grandma and is trying to get away with it. Let’s see how tough he is now.

  8. He's truly sorry his Viagra pills weren't getting used up.

  9. He's so innocent that he tried to control the investigation by appointing his own investigator until he was forced to accept 3rd party investigation. Yeah, real innocent.

  10. He's a pile of loud mouth leftist anti gun,anti oil Democrat garbage!

  11. Sexism, sexual harassment and any other form of disrespecting and objectifying people, will only really disappear when we learn what respect is. And we will only learn that when we understand what makes us equal. As long as that is vague, sentimental and conceptual, there will be no real respect, or it will remain superficial.

  12. Wait do you mean to tell us there was other stories besides how much you hate Trump such as sexual harassment by a governor? Who knew?

  13. You're done Cuomo. Step down.

  14. bring back tar and feather for the granny killer.

  15. If Cuomo and his brother would stop talking it would help our global warming problem.

  16. Remember that name Lindsey we know now that she's a liar
    NOT HIREABLE NOW .. STORY FABRICATOR … HER NEXT EMPLOYER WILL NEVER KNOW IF SHE WAS LYING OR IS LYING..I WILL NEVER STOP SUPPORTING CUOMO.. THESE SO CALLED ACCUSERS ARE LIARS.. JUST REMEMBER THESE WOMEN THAT ARE COMING FORWARD AND REMEMBERING THEIR NAMES ALSO IF YOU ARE SOMEBODY WHO CAN HIRE THEM DON'T WE ALL KNOW THAT THEY MAKE UP STORIES TO THE ATTENTION…He knows he's in trouble because so far the three women that came forward are fabricating stories in line people who don't like Como want him out of power but he has done nothing wrong your fusers are liars accusers are liars the accusers are liars I'll say 100 more times if I have to

  17. Will he get another Emmy for this?

  18. I withhold judgment on both sides until I see 100% proof of who’s being truthful and who isn’t.

  19. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Screw you, creepo!

  20. Women have phone with video recorder and voice recorder, right?

  21. See man that's why you should stay away from American women you can't even ask them a question because they'll just play the victim card and sue you for false allegations of sexual harassment.

  22. Transgender staff member?

  23. He destroyed himself for her. She is hard to look at.

  24. A few seconds of pleasure destroyed a life time of work. FOOL.

  25. He wanted to give her that Italian “Sunday sauce” hahaha

  26. If you think Cuomo should resign, then you also should be happy that Al Franken resigned. So stop complaining about Franken's voluntary resignation!

  27. How many more to come forward???????

  28. Why are they just coming out now it's all about the money f**** gold diggers

  29. I don't think it was a crime. It was not nice. He asked few questions

  30. She Has to Be A republican .

  31. Liar!! Hes not sorry, he's afraid he's gonna lose his power to harass women. God only knows how many women are afraid to come forward. He should be in jail. Creepy Joe Biden should be the next one brought up on charges for all the unwanted groping he's done.

  32. Fredo is disappointed🤦‍♂️

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